Hi, new player here and I’ve been trying pretty much everything in this game to see what it has to offer.
Unfortunatly I’m about confused about exploration. You see, whenever I go to a (normally low sec) system with a lot of cosmic signatures and scan them down, they are all combat sites. Is this just bad luck or am I missing something? As well as that i’ve heard that exploration is very lucrative. is this with a advanced ship or is this for a new player with a pretty bad exploration ship?
Any tips and tricks are appreciated, thanks!

Sites spawn randomly. So, you might find any mix of wormholes, combat sites, and hacking sites -or nothing at all.

IMHO, the biggest challenge to new explorers involves player skill (i.e. figuring out what sites to run, in what ship/fit, and how to run them safely and efficiently). You don’t need advanced ships and tons of SP to get big paydays; that stuff just helps open up your options and increase your efficiency.

Yes, exploration can be quite lucrative, even for newbros.


Dunno about Lowsec anoms, but in Wormholes I observe a manner of cherry picking. So hacking sites are very popular and disappear soon, while combat sites need a fleet or at least an expensive and slow ship, which can be easily snacked away by a gang while clearing the site. Scanning frigates are faster and cheaper.

I’ve been doing lowsec scanning and most of the hacking sites have been taken. I believe this is because the lowsec system I was using earlier was close to a career agents station and everyone from there moved to lowsec and started scanning

Sometimes the player density will make it more challenging to find data and relic sites. More players equals more competition.

You may want to take a look at the in-game map and even Dotlan maps to find systems with lower activity by checking how many jumps in the last 24 hours.

I recommend not limiting yourself to one particular type of space. Explore it all!


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