Cosmic Signatures all Wormholes?


I’ve finished the early intro missions and wanted to spend some time exploring. It seems that every Cosmic Signature I find with probes all turn our to be Wormholes? When I go through, I only find more wormholes. Don’t see the point?

Just keep scanning. But you won’t find much in high security space.

My advice is to dive into wormhole right away

I’ve looked up some articles on what’s inside. But it’s always empty except for other wormholes. As newb, should I explore? Will my Capsule be able to get back if destroyed?

Once destroyed (with pod) you wake up in your “home station”. Exploration is probably best isk/SP for new player. But never, do things only for isk. Do things that you enjoy and are fun for you. isk will come over time. trust me.

Exploration is RNG based. You seams to have bad luck. My wild guess is that you are still around starter systems? Travel bit further away from those high population systems and you should find some sites and probably wh’s that weren’t visited recently


You’re absolutely right. Thank you!

Yesterday I found a high sec system with 12 signatures, apart from 1 they were all data or relic sites and the last one was a wormhole while I need combat sites. It’s going to happen, just keep scanning and move away from crowded areas.

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