Newbie help, what ship, equipment to use?

After one month playing this game (alpha) Now I’m kind of stuck to it, love it. :slight_smile:
I have had bad luck doing mining and chasing pirates in 0.3-0.4, mostly because of pvp. I’ve lost everything 4-5 times just because of someone got a potshot at me.
No matter I’ll survive. :slight_smile:
Then I tried scanning anomalies, for wormholes, wanted to try that.
So, the first wormhole I found gave me 12 mil isk, doing data and relic (that’s about what I ever owned at that point), second wormhole gave me 64 mil isk! I could afford my lost Cruiser and Battleship again.
I did this in a Burst.
Now I have gone Omega and want to pry further into Wormholes.
I’m Minmatar.
What ship should I go for when hacking Data or Relic in Wormholes and what ship to clear NPC, they are really though? (I’ve got Burst for scanning/hacking, my Rupture can’t do shit against NPC)


Oh my…

Have you taken a look at the Ship Tree accessed via the side menu? I ask because on the info window for each ship you can see what the ship is bonused for in the “Traits” tab. The Minmatar’s Probe frigate is bonused for scanning strength so it is a very effective beginner scanning ship. The Burst, on the other hand, is bonused for repairing the shields of other ships. Being Omega, you have access to Cloaking Devices. Cloaking up after releasing probes keeps you relatively safe while scanning. Training into a Cheetah (the advanced version of the Probe) will allow you to use the Covert Cloaking Device so that you can warp while you are cloaked. Wormholes of class C1-C3 can have pirate faction data and relic sites that do not have NPCs.

For clearing Sleeper sites, I don’t have much in the way of good information.


Thank you Quelza! I’ll look into that. As I wrote, I’m now Omega, first day. I have much to learn :slight_smile:

  1. There are two kinds of data/relic in wormholes. The ones with pirate names (Serpentis, Guristas, etc) are the ones you want. The ones with spookier names are the “wormhole data/relics”. Those are essentially combat sites of some of the hardest in the game. As an explorer you avoid those. Even if you did beat the NPCs, the loot in the cans is not like the ones in the Pirate sites and generally not worth the effort.

  2. Those pirate data/relics do not have NPCs. They are direct transplants of the null-sec sites of the same kind. Relics have the best rewards on average. Data are more of an all or nothing reward. Sometimes you get a lot, other times you get nothing. But data signatures can also have ghost sites which can be very lucrative but are special. You will find these data/relics in Class 1-3 wormholes.

  3. If you don’t know what kind of wormhole you are in, use a mapper like Tripwire or a site like (though it is pretty outdated now). The mapper will not only help you as you move around wspace to keep track of things but provides good information on the system, the class, the effect, and a place where you can keep notes.

  4. As for the ship, covops cloaking is very important for wspace while you scan your signatures. For this you want either a T2 Covops (Minmatar is the probe) or an Astero (sister’s of EVE T1 covops).

EDIT: dscan is your friend. Use it all the time. You will be hunted and your hunters often will already have your signature scanned down and be waiting for you cloaked. Expect it and live dangerously. Be ready for a fight or a gank.

Good luck and happy hunting. Welcome to wspace.

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Greetings Mattias and welcome to creepy J-space.
I suggest to use exploration frigates. Stick with Probe. Once you feel confident shift to Astero.
I will link you some guides and fits in-game later today.

My $0.02…
For Data/Relic site hunting, the T2 Covert Ops Frigates are pretty much the bee’s knees, once you have CovOps IV trained. At this point, they probe significantly better than an Astero with the added advantage that you can easily fit an Expanded Probe Launcher onto them, which can carry 80 core probes reducing intervals between reloading.

Of the T2 CovOps, the Buzzard stands above all others with it’s five midslots and utility high. It’s drawback is being the second slowest of the CovOps.

Next is the Helios, also with five mids and packing an extra lowslot for extra speed.

The Cheetah only has four midslots, so can carry fewer scanning arrays along with analysers. It is, however, the fastest and most agile in its class which is kind of handy.

FInally, we have the Anathema. Four mids and slower even than a Buzzard.

The Astero Sister’s of Eve faction frigate is also a solid contender. Four mids and some decent probing ability are not to be sneezed at for thew minimal skillpoint investment required to fly one. They are somewhat expensive by comparison and in order to squeeze an expanded probe launcher onto them, you have to use way too many Co-Processors you wind up gimping the rest of the fit. Still, for a relic/data site runner, these are nearly never the ‘wrong’ choice.

There’s also the Stratios SoE Cruiser, which is somewhat expensive and the T3 Cruisers such as the Tengu, which have a significant skillpoint requirement. The T3C can achieve considerably higher probe strengths than a Stratios and can be fit with Nullification mods.

Your CovOps Frigate can happily do any non-sleeper data/relic site. You can even have a crack at the Ghost SItes, but I would caution against trying to hack more than two cans. Failing a hack, or taking too long in the site causes all the cans to explode dealing enough damage to kill your flimsy Frigate. Stratios and Tengu (as but one T3C) can do these sites and face-tank the damage of the rats (when they spawn after the timer) and the can explosion with ease.

Short answer: train towards a Buzzard or Helios and use an Astero in the meantime. T3C comes much later down the line.

Personally, I use a Buzzard for all my basic probing/scanning needs and pull out a specially fit Tengu for Ghost Sites.


Thank you all! This was very helpful :heart_eyes:
I’ll start aiming for a Cheetah (need to grind isk)


Aim for Helios instead, if you go for T2 exploration frigates :slight_smile: Cheetah has problem with power-grid, and in order to fit MWD you must sacrifice one module/rig to boost the power grid. Also, you won’t get Cheetah under 3secs with alignment without a lot of love. Vanila Cheetah will be just slightly above 3sec, hence very unsuitable for your beloved J-space. It has high base speed, but it is also the heaviest T2 explo frig.
All that is just my subjective opinion, so don’t take that too seriously.
Fly whatever you fancy!!!

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if your character is 1 month old i dont get why use a Burst which is a logistic ship (it used for support job). however, if you have full or almost full support skills (electronics, engineering, mechanics, shield, armor, navigation) and good combat skills (not necessary T2) you could do the easy anomalies in a C1 with a combat frigate.

im not going to reveal my secrets but i’ve been living for almost a full day in a C1 with a ship roughly 7 million in cost (maximum) while looting and salvaging sleeper anomalies and pirate relic/data sites. only thing missing to complete the full package was doing ore/gas mining but this isnt a venture so i wouldnt be able to haul all that stuff on top of my essential equipment.

basically i make several times the worth of my ship despite not having the heavy DPS of a cruiser/battlecruiser which in theory, are the minimal ship you should have to run sites in a C1. (or a T3 destroyer)

Personally I would advise using an entirely T1 fit with the only caveat being that if you are Amarr steer clear of the Magnate due to its restricted midslots. Concentrate on training up scanning skills to at least 4 and my speacial tip is to use alts.

I drop into a WH with little intention of coming back the same way. Take the time to scan a system down. If it spawns plentiful pirate sites then hang around then switch to your alt as you wait for it to respawn. If the system isn’t very interesting then pop into another one, concentrating on C1-3 or null systems. When your loot is beginning to make you sweat at the thought of losing it then ,and only then, begin looking for a way home. The easiest way is to check on the statics in a system. Unless you’re despearate avoid a low sec egress as you’re asking for trouble. Again, if you can’t find one quickly then switch to your alt and use it until the server resets.

The use of alts makes it less likely you make a mistake due to frustration and lose all the dank loot you spent so long accumulating.

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As Minmatar exploration use a Probe.

No really a Probe, it is THE most versatile T1 Hull in the game. Some people hate it, but it is one of the fastest T1 explorers, it is among the cheapest, and as an alpha you can make them yourself.

They get scanning bonus, and a hack/relic bonus. They have a small signature and the fitting layout isnt bad, at 3/4/3. I have my cheapest Probe that I use for everything from high sec to null sec exploration and running data and relic sites is less than 10mil. I can haul a mobile depot and refit to a “combat” fit for most low and high sec sites, or I can mine in it. It has enough drone bay to haul 7 light drones, bandwidth to use 3 of them at a time.

If you cant use a cloak, the high fittings I would use 2 LMLs and a probe launcher. Or 2 Autocannons and a probe launcher, depending on your skills.

But if you can ever get an Sunret(how ever it is spelled) or an Astero, get one, they are better at the same task… But a fair bit more expensive.

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I thank you all!
As I said, I’m Minmatar, going for some sisters of EVE Q now.
I’ve had bad luck last week, got stuck in a Wormhole with 200 mil in cargo (just went out for a smoke), then 52 jumps home, :slight_smile:
After that I’ve lost maybee 10-15 Probes because of PVP in WH … :frowning:
Still more ISK than what I started with …
Got my cloaking now, 7 days for Cheetah … :slight_smile:

As a newb I would suggest using a Heron as the midslots allow you to use MWD, both relic and data analysers as well as a Scan Pinpointing Array I and a Scan Rangefinding Array I. These latter items boost your scan strength while you’re still training up your skills. When you get to IV across the board then you can drop one and fit a cargo scanner.

I stand corrected on the Heron, tested one out last night. Very capable combat ship, good shield tank and can be fitted almost identical to a Probe.

It for me is about versatility. You have to have be ready for anything you may find as an explorer because the less time you are sitting in station refitting or hauling around a mobile depot to refit the more isk you can make just by running them in what you got.

A Probe with a LML or Arty, 1 scan probe launcher, and a T2 cloak. relic+Data scanner, AB and shield extender, Overdrive, drone amp, DC. and rigs to taste… you have a ship that can do anything when mated with 3 hob IIs, 1 armor rep drone (to fix your hobs), 3 salvage drones.

The Imacus can do so much more with its additional drones.

The basic T1 fit Heron or Probe will cost maybe 2m ISK max? Even a couple of sites with a poor return in WH will net you at least 15-20m which makes the ship entirely disposable. As soon as you start building a 20+m fit then the loss of a ship becomes financially significant. Add to that the fact that you can scan down 99% of sites in the T1 fit you have to ask the question why risk it? If you have a cloaked ganker waiting for you at a site chances are you’re going to be alpha-ed whether your fit is T1 or T2.

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So true.

But a well fit T1 Heron or Probe or even Imacus can run closer to 10-12mil.

But you still will make WAY more than that in a single run. Last night in between getting popped plexing in FW space, I went and got my “combat” Probe. Scanned down a few relic sites in FW low sec space, came out with about 45mil in loot. Paid for the Probe I was in and the 3 or 4 ships I lost that night with ease. Seeing as all I use to FW in is T1 frigates and dessies, the losses are easily replaced.

In short, exploration is probably one of the cheapest things you can get into, or one of the most expensive. But unlike PVP or FW, there is no “meta” fit for exploration, you can kind of setup for how ever you really want.

You don’t need a “well fit” ship to scan and loot WH pirate sites, just an alert mind and an eye on what’s around you. Basic probe launcher/probes and cloak, T1 MWD, relic and data analyser and cargo scanner with 3 nanos and no drones (what’s the point). Admittedly all my scan skills are maxed out but I’ve yet to find a sig I can’t scan down.

EC drones and possibly salvagers depending on what you do…aside from that yea they are pointless.


But I also do more than just run relic and data sites. I will run everything I find out there, up to around 4/10 DED sites in a Probe or Heron, or Imacus.

4/10 in probe? please tell me its no against blood/sansha :slight_smile: