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Hi all. Quick backstory…

I have just returned to Eve and have been Omega for a couple of weeks. My first time around I did not get to play much due to life stuff but sat in dock and trained alot. Even then I didn’t know much and my skills were all over. This time I wanted to train with a purpose and actually play. I chose explorer as my starting profession. I was able to extract enough skill points to get lvl 4 in all scanning/hacking skills as well as covert ops/cloak. I have been just diving into WH’s and living/exploring the pipes for days at a time. Today was my best day netting an estimated 225m isk, hope I can find my way back! :slight_smile:

Anyway… my questions are: First, I have seen via the various guides that you should not sell this loot to other Pc’s, but instead to npc orders. How do I do this? Up until this point I have just sold “immediately” unless something was flagged for being far under the market average. But those were just 30-40m isk quick dumps. Now that I am starting to get significant hauls I need to know how to maximize, or at least get more for my effort.

Second, are some loot boxes just empty?? I saw this when I first started in High sec, and just figured someone scanned and took the good stuff. Today I hacked a pretty tough can with a red core in a WH and it was empty. Two other cans in the group had hauls of 10 and 12 million each, so maybe they had to leave? Maybe 10-12 million isn’t much? (it’s a very good hack in my brief experience)

Finally, and long those lines, what is the upmost end you can get from 1 hack? Today I got a high of 36.2m from 1 serpentis relic hack. That is amazing to me!!!

Thanks for reading, and especially thanks to all the community members who put those awesome wh/hacking guides on Youtube!


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Not sure what guide you refer to, but the market for exploration loot (pirate relic, data sites) is player driven. The stuff is used by producers, and the price is determined by supply and demand.

What the guide probably was talking about is sleeper ‘blue’ loot, you get for killing NPCs in wormhole sites. This loot is equivalent to bounties / dog tags, you can hand in to NPCs for ISK in empire space.

Regarding empty cans, yes this can happen, if the draw of the dice was not in your favor. Maximum I’ve seen for one can was ~50M worth of stuff. If you see a site with some cans already opened, you can assume somebody else picked the good stuff already (and used a cargo scanner to check the cans upfront)

If you are for maximum profit, make yourself familiar with the various pirate factions and their loot. Some are better than others. There is a reason why people like hacking relic sites in Stain or Providence region. :wink:


Thank you for the info. I was probably confused with the blue loot. I was also unsure if loot boxes always appeared full (colored in) if the player did not hack them yet. Good to know they will appear looted. Currently in Dodixie area, my plan is to find a WH corp once I can drive something beyond my covert ops and vex.

Thanks again



  1. Check this site to get an idea how much you can get for your loot. Preferably do not sell to buy orders, but instead make your own sell orders, more expensive than the buy orders. Hence you may make more ISK.

  2. Yes, some cans could be empty or just with a carbon inside.

  3. Max which I had was around 56 mils per hack, but I knew people saying 80 or even 100+. This applies for null sec type of pirate sites. In case of Sleeper Cache containers you may get even more bang per hack. But that is just theorycrafting.


May I ask a quesion aswell?

If I warp in a relic/data site someone has already hacked, would I see the cans as already hacked (i.e. openable without hacking)?

I’m asking because it happened to me in two different relic sites to find the least valuable stuff in the “Ruins” cans. So I got the suspicion that someone already hacked it before me.

You see hacked cans as hollow squares, so you can ignore them. Ruins are a kind of hit or miss, means you either get something really good or trash, in my experience, less middle ground than the lower level cans.

Oh, I see, it was only bad luck then!

I’ll also just assume that the cans I fail to hack only contained a bunch of carbon. It’ll make me feel a little better XD

That’s why I never use cargo scanners, it’s better to not know what you have missed by a failed hack. :wink:


I agree, I already ditched it in favor of more scanning power.

If I knew I was risking losing great stuff, I’d make mistakes.

And if I hack an empty can… well, it’s good practice!

I’m pretty sure they were talking about the so called “blue loot”, that stuff you get from killing sleepers and hacking sleeper caches. The normal loot from relic and data sites is bought or sold by players.

No it was just bad luck. If someone else had already looted the container you wouldn’t be able to hack it.

Don’t know what my biggest was, but I did a standard sleeper cache a few days ago that had 120mil in one of the containers. Its also not rare that I come across sansha relic sites that contain 70-90mil in one of their cans.

Thanks for the great info. One day I will hit the guarded sites, but for now I am just doing the various pirate data and relic. True story though, for my first 2 weeks I didn’t know pirate caches in class 1-3 were unguarded so I just went from WH to WH looking for nullsec entries to do my hacking in. ugh. It was great if you landed in a quiet string of systems, but I much prefer WH hacking.

…needed for making t3 destroyers and cruisers.

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