Wormhole Skill Plan

Hi! I just started Eve and I’m super interested in flying in wormholes. I was wondering if there was a skill plan I should follow to optimize my training? I’ve been following the Eve-University Magic 14 but it doesn’t get into what ships would be good or what weapon systems would be preferred. Thanks for any info!!


The Magic 14 consists of useful skills that help you no matter what kind of ship you fly. They’re recommended, but not required to immediately train all the way to 5. Get them to lvl 3 at least, preferably 4. Leave lvl 5’s until after you can fly some ships. :smiley:

I don’t live in wormholes myself, but some of the useful skills you really should train to do so are your scanning skills. Scanning skills are nice to make ISK with exploration, or to have fun in PvP when combat probing, but in wormholes scanning is even more important as it is required to navigate your way though space. So get your scanning skills to lvl 3-4.

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Scanning skills are a must for WH space. Depending on what you want to do in WH space depends on the skills you want to train, you can do data and relic sites which require Hacking and Archaeology skill, you can do gas harvesting which can be very profitable with a rather inexpensive venture. Gas harvesting will pay for that venture in literally minutes. You can run combat sites easily in low class wormholes with the right fit but does take more time to get into then the other above options.

I also recommend using a service such as Pathfinder, its a tool you can use in your internet browser to map out WHs allowing you to go deeper into WH space and have a nice map.

Cloaking is also really important if your omega, if your alpha you can manage without using proper tactics.

Hope this helps and if you have any other questions feel free to ask me.


Thanks for the info!! I’ve got cloaking training now and I’ll look at scanning. I want to PvP and farm NPCs for isk. Not sure how or what hacking would be, but I’ll look it up. Is there a place I can check for wormhole groups that take new pilots? I’m training into Minmatar currently but can change if needed. Thanks again for the help!!

Here is a general ideea
Fly safe o7


You can ask in the recruitment part of the forums, just let them know what your looking for in a corp

Here are 2 links to pages that give decent info on WHs in general, there are more pages from their website if you need more info.

Was in your exact position when I started playing. If you want to get into WH space I’d highly recommend getting into a corporation as soon as possible (like the one I’m in :wink:). You really need to have a conversation with experienced wormholers who can recommend skills and ships to train based on what you want to end up doing. Feel free to message me on here on in game if you have an idea for what you want to do.

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Probing skills.
Being in J-Space means probing. Lots of probing. Probing 'till you want to vomit levels of probing. The difference in probing speed between a max skill prober in a Buzzard and an ‘all to IV’ prober in an Astero is HUGE.
Sadly, the train to max skills is about ~3 1/2 to 4 months. Plus Cybernetics V if you want Virtues (trust me, you do).

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