Scanning skills worth the grind?

I’ve recently returned to Eve and after I get a new graphics card I’m going to finally join a player corp and start my new Eve life. I’m 99% sure I’m joining a null space corp; but, there is an incredibly small chance I might go elsewhere.

My Hacking skill is at 5 while the rest of my scanning skills are at 4. I do plan on using exploration to get ISK because it’s a decent money maker and I enjoy the hacking mini-game. There is still a small chance I might look at wormhole corps…

Anyways, with that information in mind, I’m considering taking all my scanning skills to 5. But part of it feels like I just want to fill up the skill bar on the app without a need to really cap out those skills. I know my skills are good enough for wormholing… but my question is: for someone considering the career path I am, is it worth it to take the nesr 3 months to cap out those skills?

You could do almost anything with those skills at 3. Scanning wormholes is easy. There are some smaller sites that require higher skills, but very few require all 5s. Hacking, Archaeology, and Survey aren’t scanning skills. Astrometric Acquisition only makes your scanning faster, so you can safely leave that at 3 or 4.

Astrometrics is probably worth taking to 5. Astrometric Pinpointing and Astrometric Rangefinding . . . those can be left at 4 and you will probably never notice.

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The skills that reduces the time is not very interesting.
However, the two skill that reduce the max deviation and increase your probe strength both reduce the effective deviation of the probes, meaning you can triple shrink your probes formation and thus save a lot of time (ie scan at 8 then scan at 8->4->2->1 directly). Which means that for most signatures you can find them in 2 scans.
Also those skills allow to use the T2 arrays, which are even better.

So yeah, keep the time skill to 4, but learn the two others to 5. They are definitely worth it.


No. More WH connections = more risk… while drop rates are still too low to bother with.


This is CCP’s tunnel vision.

… I guess if you are doing combat scanning to do the bidding of CCP then, yes.

While Aquisition might seem a nice-to-have, I would say if you do a lot of scanning as I do, then it’s worth it as you want to do your identifications as quickly/efficiently as possible then move on.

I have them all maxed out, but the OP wants to be an F1/Rorqual monkey. What is he ever going to need to scan for? Maybe to find a combat site to warp his ratting carrier to? Not likely.

0 / 10

Wut? He said he was doing exploration …

Oh fine, you are right.

Lots of assumptions here. I have no desire to fly anything bigger than a battleship. As for being an F1 monkey, that’s unlikely since I’m looking to fly stealth bombers, recon ships, and T3s fitted with covert ops cloaks. And eventually, I might learn to fly Black Ops; but, that’s a decision I don’t plan on making for a while.

While I can understand making the assumption based on what many Eve players are like, I’d suggest asking additional questions instead of making assumptions and being insulting…

Sovreign nullec is a horrible place, man. I apologize for offending you. You have my sympathy.

This will be my third (and likely final) attempt to enjoy null space.

And the only reason I called you out is you actually do seem to want to help… and thus, I wanted you to think about not just making assumptions. You seem like a good guy compared to the other two posts that were blatant trolls who I’m just choosing to ignore because they aren’t worth my time.

Sorry, something put me in a bad mood IRL and I didn’t realize my response was out-of-whack. You might try to find a place in NPC null; that can be more convenient for an explorer in a small ship. The big alliances make the big big money with the big big ships.

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I quite enjoyed Providence, some good folks down there. I hope to return at some point when I can give it more time.

Unless you’re either:

  1. completely dedicated to the career of an explorer
  2. an FC who combat probes during fights

You can just leave them all at 4.

I’d get Hacking and Archeology at 5 if you want to use that fancy Zeugma analyzer though, which lets you blitz through the minigame effortlessly.


Don’t forget Neural Lace ‘Blackglass’ Net Intrusion 920-40 too. Its awesome :wink:

A few people have nice things to say about Providence. I have never visited, but it might be an option for the OP.

Yeah, head down to Providence and try it out. They welcome the neutrals. Can be a little difficult to find a spot to dock up, though, and until you figure out who is Provibloc and who isn’t, (not a problem if you join a local corp) you might get killed a bit.

Just checked on their KOS checker and Phelan Kheldian is Red By Last for having been in your last corp/alliance, but so long as you at least start a new 1 man corp before heading in, you’ll be fine.

Get Astrometics to V. That’s the good one for scanning. Getting Archeology to V is also on the menu if you want to get serious about exploring for isk.

Pin/Acq/Range are all good, and when you get them to V it will not only provide you with their own boost, but will allow you to fit the T2 version of their scan arrays. That’s cool, that’s good, but some of those skills, particularly rangefinding, is brutally long and unlikely to be the best thing for you to train.

But astrometics V for sure. Very strong skill that’s quicker to train than the others and lets you fit T2 launchers. Which is half way point between T1 and faction launchers for a tiny fraction of faction price.


Provibloc isn’t really an option for me. I approached their diplomatic channel about removing the KOS tag since I’m no longer in the corp that got me tagged. I was told, more or less, to join a PC corp to remove it.

Seriously, the only kills I have in Provibloc are from when I was in a Provibloc corp running in Provibloc patrols. I understand the reasoning behind me being on the KOS list when I was in a fac warfare corporation… If I had kills in their area, I’d understand continuing it after I left said corp.

But their lack of even wanting to talk about the situation leaves a poor taste in my mouth.