Make wormholes immediately scannable if you have the skills

For example I do a spread formation scan and I can immediately see them.

This way you dont torture us and you have people moving all over new Eden and wh space and awesome content generation.

Stop being lazy, they dont take much effort to scan.


if you like boring repetitive tasks to enable experiences I heard mcdonalds is hiring. Here we are paying some quality of life is expected.


Eve is full of Boring repetitive tasks, PI, Scanning, Jumping through systems to get from A to B, Missions, Ratting, etc etc. if everything was instant there would be no point in anything.


Skill up. With a proper ship and skills its usually like one system-wide scan and one 1AU scan per wh

Giddy there is no point in anything besides having fun in a video game. Feel free to make a separate post for PI and other boring things that bother you. I do not do PI so I would not know. I think they already did a quality of life pass there though like down to 200 clicks from 2000? Were you against that too?

Curious as to what you re using. Implants? WHat ship? I have perfect skills doesnt work like that

Mid grade scanning imp, hardwires and good skills = 200+ scanning strength

Good point. In fact, why do I even have to grind? I’ve certainly set a baseline for my isk efficiency. So, why can’t CCP just give me an equivalent amount of isk every month?

Oh, and next, they can add an algorithm to auto-resolve fights based on zkillboard ship matchup and pilot statistics.

For real though, I don’t ■■■■ with wormholes, so I don’t know what all affects this would have, but I do know that it would be a buff to the isk efficiency of explorers, as well as remove an advantage that good scanners get over bad ones.


You dont have to grind actually. If you have enough money you can pay to get plex similar to a ticket to go to a movie. You choose to torture yourself. About your suggestions, up to the part about the auto resolving fights they are not bad actually. Pvp is a good experience for players not a grind. And regarding the advantage I did not say remove all scanning. Scanning down a tough sig is another good experience. Just the monotonous repeating scan down whs part when CCP clearly wants the universe to be more connected and alive.

thank you will try that

I understand what you were saying, and maintain my position. Allow me to elaborate. Sorting through all the sigs (data, relic, combat, WH) takes time. Thus, making WH’s instantly scannable cuts down on the time required to find the sites you are hunting, thereby resulting in a buff to exploration income. It also lessens the advantage that good scanners have over bad ones, because bad scanners effectively get a bigger buff (they would have taken the longest amount of time to rule out the WH’s). Thus, your suggestion lowers the skill ceiling a little bit.

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Umm no.
A key feature of wormholes especially in wormhole space is that you aren’t traversing them fast like gates. You have to work for it.


No i wasnt against that change, (its still repetive and boring though) I mentioned the things I mentioned as they are all repetitive and your post was about removing a task you find boring and repetitive.

we don’t need to make eve easier for lazy people. You want to find a wormhole? work for it.

We already saw plenty of posts similar to this one

  • make data/relic sites warpable without scan need, or even suppress hacking mini game and we can just loot the cans on landing!
  • in abyssals make the wreck with loot dropping close, so that you don’t need to travel to the wreck and loot it
  • etc.
    Why not "make industrialists life even easier?: suppress reactions, components, etc, “just click on a button and the product is built”

Why not share your wormholes with others? Either with a shared bookmark folder or 3rd party apps?

I don’t use wormholes often and don’t live in wormhole space, but do know where to find the sigs for wormholes in my space and I’m sharing a lot of the wormholes I find as well while looking for other sigs (relics mostly).

What you’re asking for (knowing which sig is a wormhole) is already possible in many cases if you work together.

I find this one funny since we got the minigame due to complaints that the old method was too “boring”

the slaves and their chains omg. When they give you universal basic income in real life I fully expect you to say mehhhh we dont want it. Too easy we like the challenge.

I have no idea how this relates to RL, but yes I do like the challenge. Having spent most of my EVE career in WH space I have spent more time than I’d care to admit scanning WH chains. And no I still wouldn’t want the change you propose. Aside from lack of local, the fact that it takes effort to move around is part of what makes WH space what it is.

If it isn’t for you the amazing thing is there are thousands of systems connected by these things called gates that you can traverse without needing to scan at all.


I kinda agree with OP here. This isn’t that huge of a change? It certainly goes well with the idea of having the worm you just came through be scanned and saved.

Also a lot of you are spouting comments like “well if you don’t like that it’s boring leave” or “lots of stuff in eve is boring/time consuming, etc.”. Look I get what you’re saying but In no way shape or form is comparing another ‘bad’ feature of the game to OP’s idea helping your argument. If anything you’re literally just calling out the fact that there’s tons of outdated material and boring careers/activities as well as the fact that CCP has been slow to roll out quality of life changes and fixes. Do you know how much CCP makes? Are they actively designing new content with complex models, originality, and feedback from the players? Have they released any content in the past year that’s specifically free AND enjoyable? Or are they in this cycle of fixing old problems because instead of listening to the community and the players who play the game they create their own solutions that don’t consider the complexity of the game and then you’re just in this feedback loop where they havnt improved at all. You guys are essentially saying that it’s okay because the rest of the game is slightly boring and poorly designed too.