Wandering WH buff by CCP

So I am well aware that CCP in there infinite wisdom recently buffed wandering WH connections, but was it really meant to work to this extent? This is a C1 with yes…six concurrent WH connections to it, not just the one static that it was meant to have, I am used to an extra one to two…but six…has me a tad perplexed. While I do welcome the extra connections to a degree…I can’t help but feel like my hole is now a junction point on a superhighway. Can any of you much more knowledgeable people shed any light on this? And as a precursor to people looking for salt, I am not crying about this I am admittedly new to this aspect of the game and am honestly trying to learn so I humbly beg your forbearance.


Rolling holes was dumb. Just accept the new normal. You should check out the drifter holes if you want to see the superhighway.


Yep , six holes are more or less the new standard.
In average you will find in a LowLevel WH mostly 4-8 holes.

Even for me as opportunistic hunter seems a little bit to much for my taste.

And since this famous upgrade C1 holes are at 90% uninhabited.
C2-HS/C1 same.
And the number of PvE-daytripers drops nearly to zero.
Apart from a few scan frigates there is a barren.

Shamefully I am just not smart enough to see the great idea created by

I heard other wormholers express a similar opinion to CCP Rise (iirc) on TIS a while back. So, they at least know that a lot of you guys think they went overboard. Don’t know when or if they plan on toning it down.

I don’t mind the extra wormholes. At least it stops you from hitting deadends when you want to remain in C1-C4 space.

You can be sure, I am not concerned about the plus of conections.
But I am afraid about the huge amound of open(and unrollable) holes will scar other people off.

Its like in nature:
if too many lions hunt around the waterhole, the antelopes stay away and the lion starves

c1 and c2 just arent worth the effort isk wise except maybe for newer players… that will get hunted by high sp pvpers… the risk isnt really worth the reward.

Some friends of mine live in whs, and they honestly admitted that whs were too safe, allowing players to earn 1B/h with too low risk.
I am fine with the new standard

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Yeah, harder to roll them all. when a new anomaly comes up, higher chance it will be a WH instead of krabbing site.

WH right now are less of home, and more like frontline outpost. Where you in a protected terrain to a certain degree, and can projecting forces easier. tho at the same time, it still on the front line which is a dangerous place.

You are right, some pilots with knowledge, passion and enough balls where able to make a huge amound of ISK.
And it was possible to close all hole to be relativly safe,(as long I do not provide a LogIn-Trap).

But here comes the onion:
For crabbing in a C5/C6 you need either a fleet of 5-6 Rattles or 1-2 dreads.
That means you bring some billions of ISK on grid.
Plus you need a station in your system to rep up and log off.
Some more Billions on the silver platte.

I stay wih my previos message: this wh-love patch is BS.
Or does anyone who play this game honestly belive that on a friday night a bunch of capsuliers decide to grab a Rattle fleet, search a C5 and start shooting drifters ?

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I scan down and visit around 100-150 WH every week.
Now I can tell ya, 90% of them are unused.
In the best case you find a Noob in a Heron, or a careless PI-hauler.
But mostly you listening to your Tinitus.


I have to ask, is this lack of content hurting Wingspan and other WH centric corps?

Well, I can speak only for me.

But if 90% of that what you call contend disapear without propper replacement.
Would you say it hurts your gameplay ?

I live in a class 3 - nothing special about it, but I get visiting ships every day.

I see your point, this sounds like wh space is going to quickly become deserted

I guess you sit in a C3-with HS and see many of Herons.

Well of course I shoot them too (mostly with my scanner alt).
But my focused attention are bigger ganks with bigger loot like this.

Three more of them and I can PLEX my Acc for an other month.
Killing a Noob in a Heron does not feed my Kids and often enough don’t pay the ammounition I fired

[quote=“Yersynia_Pestis, post:16, topic:228175, full:true”]
I guess you sit in a C3-with HS and see many of Herons.

LS actually, but most of the ships I see are coming in through other J-space wh’s (or the occasional Null wh).
I don’t see many Herons, it’s mainly Asteros, Ventures and Prospectors, leavened with the odd ‘hunting party’ of Lokis, sabres etc.

I have bad news for u , homie…
To krab in c5 u need 2 ships in terms of supcaps and a single dread in terms of caps. U can stage at small pos and u r good to go.
Now talking about wandering wormholes - its best thing CCP did for wormholes in years ( c5-5 corp member btw ). The amount of ppl we meet in chains is incredible … The only issues are frigate and c1 connections … But i can live with that … So … Adapt or die and thank u CCP!

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Actually guys just finished watching “Talking in Stations” and on the video the dev says that while they are liking it for higher level wormholes they are seeing complications in lower levels that they are not happy with and it may be changed again very soon, he said it appears they went to far.

More WH entrances means more chances you’ll go bume which means more chances you’ll need to PLEX for isk, good business if you’re CCP.

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