Wandering Wormhole Frequency

So has anyone else noticed ccp seems to have turned down the wormhole spawn rate inside J-space? It could just be the luck of Bob but I don’t seem to be getting as many connections over the last week or so.

Could be. They are forcing a lot more wormhole connections to Pochven.

Seems to go up and down like a yo-yo - I had 7 yesterday, after only 1 the day before. This variation has been going on for some time, it applies to non-wh sigs too.

I’m experiencing opposite. I live in a C3 with a static HS.

Currently have 9 sigs in system - 7 of which are wormholes.

What do you actually want to do in your C3 ? (I’m in a C3 as well, but my static is LS)

best use of a HS static I’ve found is miner ganking.

Ganking miners in the HS, or in the wh ?

in HS dude, in HS…
it’s not a ‘gank’ when it happens outside of hisec, it’s honorabru surprise combat.

True :slight_smile:

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