Combat anomalies spawn in high class wormholes

(xaos-x xx) #1

I am the only person, who noticed, that spawn rate of combat anomalies drops significantly? Previously i got about 30 plus\minus combat anomalies in my home c5 class wormhole, depends on random, but in perion between 19.07-19.08 (today) i got total number in about 10 or something like that. I noticed, that sometimes they didn’t spawn for 3-4 days. It seems really strange. Is it intended?
Does you CCP guys want us to farm static more time? but problem, that i can’t record data from other wormholes, and if it is happening all around c5 (maybe c6) class… it means i will roll in empty holes more often eventually which leads to more pvp? Thats the logic or you really broke something up?
I already got bug report that is “Attached” to the known(?) issue, but still no dev responce.
So… what i want here, is someone from CCP team who can answer simpe question:

  1. Is this a bug or just bad random?
  2. Can i hope you fix that fast, or “where it will be done” so… next year maybe (so i can decide what elce i should do)
    @CCP_Fozzie @Developers ?

P.s. sorry for “that english”.

(Wander Prian) #2

Less people living in W-space =less sites being run = less sites respawning in other systems.