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Hello all,

I recently moved into a c5/c5 wormhole about a month ago. I’ve noticed that, compared to my last wormhole, this one spawns almost nothing. I haven’t had a single combat/data/relic/gas site since before Halloween; literally all that is there is the static + wandering nullsec holes.

I’ve been keeping records since March 25th and here is the breakdown (ore, event sites excluded):

October 25th: Nothing
October 26th: 3 Data/Relic sites
October 27th: Nothing
October 28th: Nothing
October 29th: 2 Strongholds
October 30th: Bountiful Frontier Reservoir
October 31st: Core Garrison, Oruze
November 1st: Nothing
November 2nd: Nothing
November 3rd: Nothing
November 4th: Nothing
November 5th: Nothing

I thought moving into my own hole would give me a plethora of content, but I play for less than 15 minutes a day now. I spent 2 months moving stuff + finding a hole + carrying out an eviction for… 1 site every 5 days or so? I mean wtf?

I just need to vent. Thanks!

I thought moving into my own hole would give me a plethora of content

I’m sure it would.

WH’s are #random

but I play for less than 15 minutes a day now

That’s playing?

I have a hard time calling it playing. I login every 4 hours to check out any new sigs/anoms, but when I see nothing new I just logoff.

Yeah, not really playing XD

From what I hear, its not random, its based on region/constellation.
I think I just moved into an inactive shitty one :frowning:

Might want to edit the topic title, since some people find words that have been used to classify people offensive, regardless of context.

Anom spawning, as far as I know, is location-centric. Meaning people have to be clearing out spawns in the area linked to your WH to cause new ones to pop. At least in normal space it’s that way so assume it’s similar for WH.

Maybe people are all focused on event spawns and so not popping as many regular ones, or maybe you’ve just moved into a really low-population/activity area.

Given your investment, wait for end of event, see if it picks up. If not, when you next move, check the new WH for activity before moving everything in.

It’s classifying wormholes, wormholes are not sentient beings.

What you’re asking is called self-censorship.

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And you only needed to spent few minutes and google how wormhole sites respawn…

Sites are tied to constellation. So someone must run sites in other wh’s in same constellation and then there is chance they respawn in your wh. If other wh’s are dead, then sites just pile up there.

don’t they despawn after X hours, I thought 72, 48 if warped to?

No idea. But don’t really matter if there is literally no one in other wh’s to despawn them.

Wormholes cosmic signatures and anomalies are pooled within a region.
( i.e. The amount of whole sites within a single regions are static and w-spaces share them )

If the sites are ran, or someone initiates the warp drive towards the sites, sites despawn in 3 or 4 days.
And those despwned sites spawns in somewhere the w-space in the same region.

Regions are basically decided based on the w-spaces’ static.
I don’t know where you live in though, if you live in the region having a lot of unpopular w-spaces within it, it’s natural that you’d have less sites spawn in your space. ( since there are not much people to run sites in other spaces for you. )

And the benefit of C5 krabbing is shrinking day by day due to the recent capital and battleships prices, that could be a reason.


Edited Post Title.

Is it region or constellation do you know for sure?

I’ve heard both from various people. I’ll have to make a list of everything in my (region or constellation, whichever is correct) to watch out for.


Neither confidence nor evidence.
Admitting that I just told here what is usually believed to be a truth within a wormhole majority.
Some say they are linked to the regions, or to the constellations, or even not linked to anything else and is just a random.
Actually, it’s just a myth since it’s practically impossible to confirm if the theory is working or not.

Those theories were derived from K-space sites mechanics.
People strongly presume that K-space sites are binded to the constellation or regions. You actually sometimes see despawned sites appear in another system of the same constellations/regions. If you run combat anomalies on the way of straight road, you may see a bunch of anomalies in the dead end system. And you will face a bunch of sites as well on the way back.
Considering how frequently we see these sites gathering and respawns, It’s reasonable to assume sites are linked to constellations. However, CCP have never announced the mechanics. We even don’t know if they really respawns. No one knows the answer.

And now, wormholes. It’s more difficult to make a theory a thing because w-space systems are physically unchained each other.

Just FYI, I have scanners in the more than a half of the region my farms belonging to, but never felt It’s working.
One thing I can say for sure is that sites despawn in 3 or 4 days since someone warp to.

Thank you for your input.
you haven’t seen much result from de-spawning sites in regions shared with your farm hole(s)?

Probably. At least I didn’t “feel” it changed my farms’ spawn rates drastically.
Generally 1 - 3 sites spawn daily in my farms without other spaces scouts ( Those scouts are called “rain makers” btw ).
I used to activate all of my rain makers every 3 days and executed despawns though, It didn’t make a difference I can distinguish.

I mean, rain making could increase my spawn rate though, I can not observe or confirm them since I am not sitting on my monitor 24/7.

If I had countless omegas, infinite time and an ability to check all the monitors anomalies list, I probably can handle the conclusion. But I actually don’t.

In my perspective, seeding rain makers doesn’t necessarily reward. Rather than that you’d better try to roach your statics sites with marauders to make solid isk.

Filthy casual…

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