No VIP gala in any wormholes

not only are there no VIP sites, there are no sites at all in wormholes. why are there little to no sites in the game? so far ive only seen one normal in lowsec thats it.

Spawn rates seem very low.

Wormhole has x places for: Anomaly/other wormholes.

If more connections are made to other wormholes, there are less places for anomaly.


I’ve seen two entire sites all day; one in null, one in highsec. Anyone got a clue on respawn rates?

I’ve been through 10 low sec systems and only found 1.

After I cleaned up a site in my ratting system, I ratted for almost an hour and no new site spawned. So spawn rate should be about 1+ hour or so…

There was plenty yesterday.
Havent checked today.

I’ve seen several VIP sites in WH space, perhaps you need to scan more?

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