Wormhole Site Respawn Mechanic

What are the wormhole combat site spawn mechanics? Do they have something to do with mining site mechanics? What would increase combat site spawn? Should I pick a wormhole with a smaller or larger constellation? Should I do the mining and data sites or not? Does rolling the holes help? Having more people in the hole? Completing only one kind of site? Losing ships in the hole? Completing some sites in a certain order? Going to somewhere special and shooting something special? What should I do to increase wormhole combat site spawn rates?

I have a confessor and I want to live in my little C3 wolf Rayet for as long as possible. (or find a different C3 wolf Rayet, or a C13.) That’s why I’m asking. I love those Fortification Frontier Strongholds, they’re like TCRCs in incursions, they don’t have a lot of webs and I can handle the neuts fairly well blah blah blah. I want more sites so I get more of those (and I could do the other sites as well for less isk, but isk is isk). I can’t roll holes because it’s gonna take a long time for me to be able to roll into a C3 wolf Rayet (because wormhole mechanics I can’t continuously roll holes (16 hours)), I don’t want to use a bigger ship because they’re actually less DPS (isk/h) and have less luck with frigates.

I’m not gonna do the Regards thing cuz I’m asking this nicely and seriously.

As far as I am aware, nothing that you do inside the hole will make sites spawn faster or slower. In the very big picture, there are a fixed number of sites - when somebody clears a site, it respawns in another random wormhole. So, if you just sit in your wormhole, you will gradually see other sites spawning.

Because of this mechanic, it is difficult to spend a huge amount of time in just one hole - and most wormholers explore the connections to other holes. You will sometimes find a hole that nobody has cleared in a long time and it will be loaded with sites.

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You have to wait until the sites in the other WHs of the same constellation are run. After someone completed them there you have a chance for a new spawn in your WH.

That’s also the reason running sites only in your WH is bad. The money is in the sites of the static.

Case in point - today I found a C4 with 51 Signatures and 64 Anomolies.

So should I have a wormhole that’s in a smaller constellation?

It’s not easy to pick wormholes.
There’s the problem to spend much time in searching for the perfect one, earning exactly nothing. It’s quite boring watch people rolling WHs over and over again.

You have to learn to take what you can. You won’t hit the jackpot every day, but there is always a chance for it.

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