Wormhole site position Guide

A while ago I made this visual site guide to the C3 site Solar Cell. After Running TDF incursions I loved the whole knowing the anchor points of the next spawn wave and wanted to bring that back to wormholes. I don’t know if anyone has already created something like this or if it’s worth wild for me to build info cards for the rest of the sites. I person fly a solo Drek for my C3 anom ratting so knowing the spawns for the battleship is very important to reduce the amount of DPS the wave will have.

just noticed a typo on my info card. Will fix that. The wave 3 upholder is actually a preserver which is why you engage it first.

This actually looks… pretty good! I do not remember seeing this format for wormhole sites.
I wish more guides had info like this, makes it very easy to visualize.

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