C6 revelation solo?


So I found a C6 and I am setting up in it, and it has a C5 static. I have a revelation dreadnought, and I solo ran C5 sites with T1 guns and T1 siege.

I was wondering if it is possible to run solo C6 vanilla sites in a T1 revelation? I dont think it is, but I will be pleasantly surprised if im wrong.



I don’t know but that’s amazing you found an empty one, been in dozens and they are all populated.

I tried it on sisi but the only site in system was double spawned, and I got killed quickly. I was thinking all rigs for cap re gen, two gap batteries, and the rest a standard fit. Last 33 minutes with everything on, but I should be contsa repping.

What do you mean by double spawned ?

Also, before I bring forth my text wall, do you know what capital escalations are ?

I dont live in it, no losses in it, and I didnt give the system name

Yes, in C5 space there are 3 avengers, and in C6 space there are 4. Also, the site had twice as many ratts as its supposed to, maybe because someone smart bombed to early, or it was a CCP problem.

Solo revelation? In C6? WH people said C6 often gets visited by hunter fleets and big alliance looking for content. Not to mention there is many WH static to C6 owned by big shot such as HK.

Is that true?

If it is, then you just provide a big fat content for them. You can solo in C6 but you wont be left alone.

I tried joining a wormhole Corp to build caps, got turned away because they said it would attract people looking for loot pinatas. \O/ what can you do.

you need a larger corp. Mail me in-game.

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