Returning player, wh ratting

Returning after a long while and I’m moving to C5 with a few friends. Is it still worth the effort? Also, as being pretty rusty I’m looking for advice about what ship would be a good choice to join small ratting fleets (3-4 ships), considering that this is a BH hole, and luckily I’m mostly skilled into caldari ships.
First idea was a Tengu, but I guess it’s just not enough in such small fleets, or should I aim towards a standard-ish RR drone Rattle? Is Barghast viable for sites? (and later some marauder somethingsomething)

There’s a decent bit to unpack here, but the optimal group PVE ship for C5’s is defnitley the Nestor. There’s a whole bunch of tips/tricks I an talk about, how familliar are you with wormholes and sleeper sites in general?

I would not use T3’s as t hey are safe but slow for ratting C3’s and C4’s, and even if you could pimp a few to run C5 sites together they would still be very suboptimal.

I love helping out people new (or returning) to J space, please hit me up on discord Davak Kateelo#4477 if you have any more questions about wormholes (if you do message me, just mention this post so I know who you are haha). Ht me up, and good luck in the C5!

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3 RR Leshaks and a logi Nestor. With damage mode mutaplasmids incomming even tanked Leshak get close to carrier DPS on hard-to-break targets.

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got some fits to work off of for me by any chance? would be most helpful, thanks either way for the suggestion

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