5 alpha players c1 wormhole fleet

I’m searching for some fits for a small PvE fleet of 5 people for c1 or maybe c2 wormholes, I know that it might not be that efficient to do it in 5 people, but we are a group of friends trying to have fun, obviously, we would like to stay on the cheap.
Do you have any suggestions?

If you are all alphas I would consider going for praxis/gnosis fleet as these are about to drop hard in price due to CCP giving them away as login rewards. Choose a doctrine fit (missles + drones) and Id sprinkle in some boost module here and there.

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Sounds like you all will have a blast together. You can do c1/2s in t1 destroyers. Just make sure you take 3 dps and 2 logi. You just have to decide if you are going with armor or shields. I have been in small algos fleets that did c3s after some practice your group will be able to do those as well. Have fun! Your whole fleet can be paid for in 2-3 sites way cheaper and more fun than a battleship.

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it seems a good idea, I will definitely check them out.

We might try the algos too with some logi, do you have any suggestions for the logi ships?

Mail me in game and I will try to find those fittings. Might even tag along for fun.

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