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A bit of a hail mary post here, but I can fly a Legion and a Paladin and a Zealot with very good skills. My friend is getting into combat style training skills. We have burned through L4 missions without any challenge.

I am wondering what to do next. PVE is more our thing, because family and careers and limited time etc.

I have thought of anomolies, or wormholing, or just hopping into a couple stealth ships and seeing where we can die and who we can piss off.

Any reccomendations from the community?

I would suggest wormhole diving. Just be ready for pvp. I did it for some time before moving to null. It was and is exciting whenever I do it with my wife. We would fly our two drakes in and wow it was exciting. Money was pretty good too!

abyssals and team burners


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If you want to have a little adventure while doing PvE I would suggest to look for an empty low-class WH with a static HighSec or a Static C1 (which almost everytime will have a HighSec connection). You can anchor a cheap POS in there and just put a Corp Hangar Array and a Ship Maintenance Bay on it. Then bring a few PvE ships in and you can do all kinds of anomalies in there, combat sites, relics, datas, harvest some gas or mine rare ores if you like. But you can also do Abyssal Filaments in cheap ships (just make a DeepSave). The chance that someone combatscanns your trace while you are doing it is minimal, almost zero. And even if you lose an AssaultFrig or HAC from time to time, it’s not the end of the world.

Mastering HighTier Abyssals or even dual- or tripleboxing them can be quite a challenge. But in the end, all PvE will become repetetive at some point.

Thank you! So C2 or C3, and dont bring my paladin or Legion? Just run a couple battlecruisers?

Thank you! Abyssal L2 or L3 with 2 frigates or destroyers? And “team burners” are the L4 anomic missions, right?

Thank you! So scan down a C1 wormhole in 1.0 high sec, and maybe bring our assault frigs out there and a mining barge, and the things inside keep spawning over time?

Doesn’t matter where you scan the WH, important is only that the hole has a static exit that is convenient for you to reach HighSec for you. Most convenient is of course a static HighSec Exit, but these holes are often already occupied. And yes, all the content in there respawns over time and of course you have the option to look into neighboring holes any time and look for content there.

Just know that in WH space you don’t have any local, so possible threats only appear on Dscan/CombatScan or (mostly too late ^^) in your overview. For just two people as temporary base, a Medium POS tower is absolutely enough. Make sure to anchor 10+ jammers on it to prevent random roamers from messing around with it.

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