Alpha Clone C3 Wormhole Ship Help

So first of all, I am an omega clone pilot who just happens wanting to get few of my friends in to playing eve online. The issue is they dont want to pay the subscription for the game and I myself is relatively new to this to give them reliable advice. So, yeah thats why im here.

So, assuming me and another friend is fleeting up to do some C3 wormhole relic sites, what should my friend who is on alpha clone generally should be running ?

would a T1 battlecruiser be able to tank the damage from NPC’s ?

Just any viable options for maybe 2 ppl to get together and help each other farm ISK to buy our own way to free omega clone would be really nice. Thanks.


If you can face tank the rats and your alpha friend can snipe them from far behind you, your increased DPS will reduce time you spend on field and therefore you are more secure against gangs. There is a number of options for range tanked alpha ships, starting with vexor navy and naga and ending with rattlesnake… Depends on skill, taste and a wallet.


If your going in a group you could use drakes, and switch agro with painters (ewar). Although C2 farming would be easier. I’d go for a empty C1 with a HS/C2 static. You can roll it with vni’s if you have a 1 mill mass static with 20k jump mass. You jump the hole and immediatly click the propmod. If you do it with two vni’s it doesnt take long, be sure to take a depot and scanner + 16 sister probes with you. A C2 would usually have a easy connection back if you get rolled out.

Ran C3’s with 3 friends at some point. Those characters where completely new, except my own. We didn’t live in one, we just lived in a rather low populated highsec system and daytripped into C3s.

We ran the sites as 4 drakes and reshipped for salvage. If I remember correct, most sites where doable. Only the harder data/relic combat sites where stressing our tank too much in the beginning. Once people had enough to get into T2 tank, it seemed to be fine. We obviously ■■■■■■ up from time to time, but we more than made up for our silly losses. The drakes where buffer fit and a little over 100M for a fully T2 fit one.

Here is an example of the fit we ran with.

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This is a nice fit yeah, if you drop a depot you can swap the lows during the fight for more tank or more dps.

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