Solo WH for Isk, irregular playstyle. What to do?

Hey all, I’ve recently come back to EVE and have deposited some of my alts in a C13 (frigate only hole) to run anoms and make some ISK. I’ve been considering moving on to a more “standard” wh so I can also tap into PI since the whole I am in is shattered and has no planets.

It seems for solo or small corps, the best choice is C2 or C3. Further, I don’t particularly need a k-space static, so I would probably be looking for k-space statics that connect to low or null to avoid foot traffic as much as possible.

My question is, is it worth the jump from a C13 to a c2 or c3 and taking on the additional risks they bring? My C13 has been largely empty and I am the only one living here running sites after about 2 weeks of checking it.

Further, I have an irregular playstyle and can’t be logged in every day. Because of this, I’m a bit worried about setting up structures and having to maintain them during days I am offline. Would it be better to just live out of an orca? Do you all feel its worth the time investment? Thank you

The answer is carrots

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If your interested we are looking for recruits we are US TZ or 19:00-08:00 eve time roughly we may be a good fit for what your looking for!

Send me an in game mail and I will be in contact this evening CST ~~6pm

It’s very possible to live on your own in a c2/c3, I’ve done it before. Just make sure you have enough fuel so that you don’t log on to a bashed out structure.

To be honest, though, if you’re just living out of a ratting ship or something you can probably just continue on, unless it’s a battleship.I used to live out of a Confessor by my lonesome.

In hindsight, though, it’s probably better to join a Corp. It’s pretty useful having a bunch of other dudes in the wormhole that can either sound the alarm, help, or at the very least get pointed before you do, if you’re ratting. Plus you get to make friends.

If you want to stay solo, though, don’t let anyone talk you out of it. It’s perfectly doable.


I lived out of a C3 solo for a while… Nice Null Sec static meant it was always quiet during the week when not many people go around opening holes. It’s for sale if you’re interested. J235712

Or of course join our corp :wink:

I’d say with the latest structure changes you’d want to be in a corp now. Defending your own structure would be pretty much impossible alone.

Like what @Corraidhin_Farsaidh said above, you would be better with a corp judging by your activity levels. The new structure changes have made my own corpmates bash-hungry :wink: , and you never know when you are going to get attacked.

As long as you power your Citadel, its reasonably safe. They still have to do 2 timers, which take a decent force to destroy if you sit an alt in the citadel and shoot missiles at them.

OP, I would recommend a C3 if you have the skills for the anomolies. Isk it decent and there are a lot of unoccupied ones.

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Solo VNI 160 kk \ h +
Armor \ Shield
Armor \ Shield

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Thanks guys. I can run c2 anoms with ease so I think I should be ok on c3s. I’ll check them out. But seriously thanks for the advice

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I’m sort of in the same boat. I recently rejoined EVE and am living out of a C1 hole for now. I should upgrade to C2 - 3 but … it’s so nice and quiet in my system :slight_smile:

Your system will pop a link to HS sooner or later then the neighbourhood will go downhill fast.

lol, yups. but I tend to move around anyways. After a week of living there I’m up and about again looking for another hole/activity/… while enjoying the calm HS live.

Just live in your ship.A well fit BC or navy cruiser can easily do C1-C3 sites, which opens huge possibilities for robbing poor sleepers dry. Do be aware that to do that you need aither drone boar or amarr ship, as ammo runs out very fast.

Or you create a deep safe and drop a few secure cans and stock them up with ammo…then stick around for a few days.

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