WH Questions - Small Corp

I have a small corp looking to possibly make a little isk and get some pvp via WH’s. I understand how the pvp aspect works but no clue about living in a WH to make isk as well, so some questions:

We have a Nul Sec Static in a C3 for PVP.

We are looking at a high sec / C2 or C3 Static WH for isk making. Are C2/C3’ sites soloable in bc type ships? If we found one that looks dead or empty whats the chance of keeping a Medium Citadel alive and making a little isk?

What type of isk is being made, understand they drop loot not actual isk, but what would you say 1 person could make per hour in a c2/c3?

Whats the least ship you can use to solo C2/C3, whats the preferred ships?


Since no one has responded I’ll offer some feedback.

Do you already have a C3 WH? If so, it seems you would know the answers.

A C3 offers better PVE isk than a C2. For that reason, it probably offers a better chance of catching someone running the PVE. C2 PvE income is not very isk/hour efficient.

Gila is a good choice for running C2 PvE, but drake, myrm and gnosis are effective if you want to use a BC.

Tengu and MJD RS are best choices for solo C3, but you can use lesser multiple ships.

Chances are good for keeping an astrahus alive in low-class if the hole looks active and you don’t trash talk needlessly.

See this doc for figuring out isk & difficulty of WH sites: Rykki Guide

p.s. Don’t forget to check the effects of a hole you are considering.

Consider joining another mid-sized group in that space. More often than not, they’d jump at an influx of players and you’d have more space friends to fly with and learn from rather than being just another small wormhole corp trying to make it on their own.

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