WH Class and Static Combination

So, in your opinion,… what do you feel is the best wh class and static combination?

Please tell us why.

c2 with a hs/c4 is nice. could be a c2 with a hs/c3 static.

c4 with a c2/c4 is nice. too. could be a c4 with a c3/c4 static as well.

I would imagine the best is a c6 with a c4 static… but I have yet to live in a c6.

either it be pve or pvp, you can easily hitch a ride from any of these class whs…

For daily rolling for sites, a small corp or solo can run c3/c4 sites easily.

For pvp, the c3 may be ideal, hitting the ls and ns statics.

the c6 would be nice either with a c6 or a c4 but thinking a c4 would be best… can get good pvp and pve there. When you get rolled into by another c6 and its quite in there, is a good chance to get some ratting in with a cap.

I think it depends on size and skill level of the corp. Are u thinking of moving to WH space or is this just a philosophical question?

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Oh Ive been in and out of wh space since Apocrypha. Its more philosophical in nature really… I agree though, level of skill and all. Ive been adventuring on solo game play recently, and I am enjoying it quite a bit.

If your looking for what I think is the best of all eve has yo offer I like what we do. My corp have our roots in WH and even make quite a living selling them. We live in null and get all the benefits therein. However we own a few systems with frequent WH activity. My guys dive in everyday scouting numerous systems. This gives us access to loads of content, and a stable and active home.

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I’ve lived in a C2-C2/LS, C4-C2/C5. and a C5-C5… I would say:

Solo pvp : C2-C2/LS
Small gang pvp : C4-C2/C5 although a C4-C2/C3 might be nice there as well
Bigger gang pvp, and potentially cap stuff: C5-C5

I don’t pve much, so I won’t comment on that.

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