Question about having a c6 static

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I’ve come to the decision to come back in eve. Im a wormholer with some wormhole experiences. I’ve lived in a c4 with c2/c4, a c4 with c2/c3, a c2 with hs/c3 and a c5-c5.
I wanna bring my corp back to wormhole and the best option I see is a c4 with c2/c5. Though, I have been wondering about a c4 with c5/c6 . Why is that?

Because you can get connected to low class wh pretty easily when your statics have a Low class wormhole. It won’t be as much as having a c2 static though.Also, huge corp won’t be using our wh for our high sec in our C2 chain.
Though, then it might be hard to get a high sec most times and recruiting will be harder for the time being that we’ll be small because the solo content is less there.

My question is, are c6s dead? DO people actually rat in them?
I’ve heard that people are more careful in c6 and they are mostly from AUTZ .
The main question is, is there enough ratters in c6 to make the static worth it?

People do rat in c6’s are far as I’m aware, just be aware that: if you settle in a wh with a c6 connection expect lots of large fights, and even potentially capital engagements (dreads etc). I don’t recommend settling with a c6 static unless you have very competent pilots.

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Sounds good. Though, I must ask, what are the reasons you’d want to live in a c5-c5 over a c4 with c5-c6?

Ok, you won’t be able to move caps through the whs which means rolling is slower and not being able to bring one cap in a fight but wouldn’t you think that this c4 would be better for people who wanna kill ratters or get big fights? ( LAZER or HK or the russians knowing you’re pretty much the only one ratting in c6)

Wouldn’t it bring more content for the big corps out there? Having 2 statics for pvp is better for the content imo. What do you think? @Victoria_RavenSeer

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