WTB Empty C5 or C6 with low class static

I am looking for a C5 or C6 system with a low class static (C3 or below, preferably C3 or C1). I will pay for a way in but I would like to take care of my own structures. I am looking for no effect or magnetar. I will pay once I am in the hole safely. Please mail me in game or post here.



C5 or C6 cant have static to low sec or any other k-space

Low class means C4 or below wormhole, not lowsec or nullsec static.

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Did you find any m8? I am also looking for a c5 if you get offered any :stuck_out_tongue:

Ill sell you a c6 for 10b

I am already busy with 2 C6 holes, but thanks guys.

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