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Just as the title saysi’m returning back to the game after a lengthy hiatus. I’m very interested in WH ops and exploration. I am undecided if I want to join a WH Corp or try things solo. Are there any videos that wouldbe recommended for a combat pilot with approx 90 mil sp. Alternatively my other thought was to duo box with my second account using an orca as a mobile cloaky base and run sites on my main character. I would limit myself to c1 - c3 WH but am not sure what ships to bring. Most something to do relic sites and another for combat sites, suggestions on what ships for those roles or roles I forgot would be appreciated.

The first thing you need to decide is whether to join a corp. Corps have a lot offer: infrastructure, backup, and community. Since you are coming back after a break a corp can help you get up to speed faster. On the other hand there is more freedom and less obligations if you go it alone.

With low power citadels getting harvested for loot these days there are a lot of unoccupied systems. You can easily put down an astra for yourself in one of these. As long as you keep it powered (which is pretty cheap) and use a little common sense you are unlikely to be evicted from any low class hole. Hobo living is another option that can work if you are looking for something temporary or have a very intermittent play style. If you go that route you should look for a shattered system to take advantage of the enhanced anom spawn rate.

Your ship selection is limited if you go the hobo route. A T3C could scan, hack, and run anoms with different fits but a more effective option would be to use a rattle for the combat sites and some other covops for the scanning and hacking. You will also need a roller to secure the hole for ratting sessions. Stash a few pvp ships in the orca to your taste. Finally make a few alpha clone scouts to seed your hole in case you get rolled or podded out.


Contact Cyrus Kurush for a chat. Our corp can offer many options, so we should have something to interest you.

Corra o/

Oï mate !

I’m in a corporation based in a C1 wormhole, with lot of infrastructure if you want to mine +15% ore variant in moon belts, and a nullsec static for PVP roams and NPC ratting when the combat sites run out in the pocket.

If you’re interested, try contacting me :slight_smile:

C1-C3 space is for PEASANTS

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