What do you recommend for a living in Wormhole space

I know about having scanning skills but what else should I get

Welcome to the forums. Not trying to be a jerk here, but that question is way too open-ended for anybody to answer constructively. Can you be a bit more specific about what you would like to know and what your circumstances are?

what’s the cheapest ship I can use in there and still survive for PVE
what skills should I work on for PVE for wormholes
what skills do I need to join a Corp in there
is it possible for an alpha player to live in there cuz I’m not going to be paid anytime soon to pay for the game
what is the most lucrative thing I can do as a new player in a wormhole

could you please be more specific? Which kind of wh? c1? c6? solo or with friends? etc

it seems obvious to me that you have no idea about whs, so please first read guides like https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Wormholes

then come back and ask more precise questions

Or you will get the usual and always true “it depends”

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What do you recommend for a living in Wormhole space

I definitely recommend living in WH only with omega account.
You are going to do alot of scanning and trust me, u wanna do it fast!
Also, cov-ops cloack is very important!

Wormholes is like last LvL in EVE online, only experienced players should go and “live” there.
Ofcuz u can do it as alpha but I think you can do much more in known space and leave something for later times when u finally able subscribe.

Cloaking is a must.

Also a good cloaking ship helps for scouting or a ship not detectable on DScan.

thanks for the help I’ll just try something else

Also depends on what you’re doing.

Mining = tanky Skiff, Orca or Rorq.

Most other roles require cloak or non-detectable on dscan as a key requirement. After that its fit your ship for the role and tank it in someway to improve survival chances (once poded you respawn in your non-wh station), as if you die it could take weeks to get back in.

Very much this - get yourself an alt with scanning skills who never leaves the WH station except to scan you a new route in if you get killed (or find yourself on the wrong side of a wormhole when it closes).

Any of the T1 exloration ships can hack the pirate (unguarded) sites in low class wormholes, if someone else clears the site for you you can also hack the sleeper sites.

This depends on what kind of PVE you are looking for. Options are

  • Hacking
  • Combat
  • Gas huffing
  • Mining

However you need to realise that most people in wormholes are there not only for the PVE, but also for the risk. Wormholes offer great rewards, but also at great (pvp) risk, if you want a safe money machine you’re better off in null sec. As such, the better question to ask would be “What skills should I work on for PVP in a wormhole.”

This will depend entirely on the corp you join. Some only require that you can scan. Others require that you have all t3 cruisers at all V.

As a baseline I would suggest:

  • scanning
  • ability to fly rolling BS
  • ability to fly a PVP ship that fits into your corp’s doctrines

Yes… but you need to realise that EVE is a subscription based game. An alpha can hack stuff and make a profit, and scan stuff (but not cloak.) So you will usually be the guy that’s there for the ISK, but not contributing anything.

Hacking Sansha and Guristas relic sites.

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