Are wormhole worth it for PVE?

Hi, I’m looking for insights on WH life. Returned to EVE about two months ago on 2 fresh new accounts, injected about 3 mil SP, made a dumb amount of ISK during the winter event (roughly 17 bil, bought more injectors and PLEX, now have 8 bil left) and now I’m thinking about what to do.
I’d like to get out of HS, because it amounts to just making ISK for its own sake, with no purpose. The choice seems to be between NS and wormholes.
My question - is WH space worth moving into if I don’t really care about large part of the “content”, i.e. PVP? I have no problem with fighting when necessary and I’m not particularly risk-averse (last month I’ve been almost exclusively in low-sec doing event sites in busy systems), but I don’t seek out PVP. If I moved to WH and went a month without fighting anyone, I wouldn’t mind. My focus would be on non-PVP activities, especially corp oriented (working towards common goals) - having something to strive for other than pure ISK generation. In contrast, from what I gathered, most WH occupants see PVP as their primary content.
With that in mind:

  1. Does it make sense for me to move into a WH (C4 or lower)?
  2. Will I have stuff to do or will it suck because I’ll avoid the main activity?
  3. Will the chores to content ratio suck (i.e. having to do 1h of scanning, scouting, security, for a measly 30 minutes of stuff I actually want to do)?
  4. Will it be difficult to find a corp thats a good fit, given what I’m looking for?

Looking for any insight, no matter how positve/negative :slight_smile: Thanks

I know jack and ■■■■ about wormholes, but it sounds like they’re pretty lucrative.

Here’s some resources

They can be lucrative IF you know what you’re doing and if you prepared well. And “knowing what you’re doing” relies on layers upon layers of knowledge. Also note that most isk/hour numbers you’ll find “conveniently” leave out search time, travel time and preparation time. Simply put: even IF the number isn’t just outright bragging it’s most certainly unrealistic.

Gas mining requires an initial skill investment that is kinda painful for starting players, actually being able to find a suitable WH that has suitable gas sites relies on both luck as knowledge, and the less knowledge you have the more luck you need. It’s really not for true newbies unless you REALLY want to.

Hacking in WH space is annoying as there are SO many sites you can’t do because of the NPC or the mechanics they have. Hacking in random null is actually easier and even safer because you KNOW if there’s someone in system who could be a threat to you. And with the noise needlejacks these days is super easy to get into quiet nul, to then use WH to get back once you’re done.

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Yeah simple statements like “300mil per hour easy running sites” don’t take into account the scanning, scouting and the limited availability. 300 mil per hour sounds a lot better than 300 mil every 3 days when sites spawn. Of course you would farm connections, but that means more scanning and scouting, less security and makes living in C1/C3s less attractive because no WH static. Either way, I have no doubt living in Wormholes is profitable if one isn’t a complete noob, certainly in comparison with HS or even basic NS income. My reservations are more about whether is it a fun, rewarding experience if you’re not there for the PVP. From the sound of it I sometimes get the feeling it is overall quite an annoying PVE experience, even if profitable.

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Not only that, but the numbers you’ll get a very different depending on if you live in a WH with a nice static for your PVE purposes or if you’re a day tripper.

A day tripper who undocks from Jita, has to find a WH not too close to Jita (because dangerous), find more WH till you finally find what you wanted to do in the first place (and survive that whole trip there), THEN go do what you wanted to do (and survive) and THEN find your way BACK out of all the WH on your route, hoping one didn’t collapse, and then make it back to Jita (and survive) to sell.

Because unless you made it back, docked at a trade hub and sold your loot, you made ZERO isk. The extra time it takes for a day tripper to do anything in a WH pretty much makes it not worth it unless you’re really lucky or you’re very good. Or if you REALLY want to do it, in which case go for it.


^^ This.

Living in WH space can be quite lucrative, but you need a continual pvp mindset. This includes dropping your site and switching to pvp ships the moment a corpmate reports hostiles in chain.

I love it!


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