Balance of the isk faucet-wormhole edition

So this will most likely receive some flak from those null-sec krabs but in the grand scheme of things to make a sandbox more enjoyable for all of its players I believe that since wormhole space is essentially more dangerous than null the rewards should be a bit more consistent for activity out there. As it stands the blue loot system from sleeper kills and the limited number of anoms for industrialists to chew away is extremely inconsistent. I will try to break this down to a third grade level so those who have never gone to WH space can understand.

With the current system in place, if you do not let be in a C5 or C6 wormhole you can average less than 100M per site in wormhole space as pertains to combat sites. Though, this is quality income for a single player or a tandem pair, any additional pilots make this inefficient compared to what a VNI afking in null could do. for those that have never ratted in wormhole space or ventured in there you live you life off of D scan and scouts, you have no local and no intel channels since you “connnecting” system is always changing and your neighbors are never the same. Catching a player doing a wormhole PVE site is a very easy kill since much of the tank/damage setups on these ships are optimized to a Min/max fit.

Mining- minus the gas mining which can be good income but it is few and far between doesn’t justify this activety as a viable source of income. Wormhole space does not spawn regenerative asteroid belts like K space so you can literally go weeks without seeing an ore anime in system and moving a fleet of miners into a neighboring system is extremely time consuming and has some of the same precautions to put in place as PVE combat sites with typically a far lower reward.

So before I get targeted and trolled I will explain what I have done for income in WH space. I have done C3 -C5 sites, solo and grouped. I have gas mined every single gas site type currently in game. I have chewed on rocks in WH space, and done the exploration ( which in WH space is absolute trash unless you can find the cherry picked pirate relic sites. Sleeper data and relive sites are an absolute waste of game data as they stand since they produce absolute junk from the cans).

So what am I suggesting. . .

In Krab space where intel channels and cyno’s and massive capital fleets are on standby to protect the endless isk faucets generated max farmed system indexs and hundreds/thousands of players can come save your…assets has caused such an isk inflation at the trade hubs and limited players who are not part of these select few corporations to table scraps of isk that it can be unappealing to want to even log in. (Don’t get me started in the rage that the 9 bottling Nyx’s that kids with guns alliance blatantly uses and I’m sure CCP will ignore it as they have done countless times in the past, but I digress…)

I strongly suggest that since the dangers are are more prevalent and safety precautions are not consistent and require added time/players to setup a watered down index system or WH TCU be implemented to incentivize the players in WH space to get out and fly their ships. The more you mine, this creates an increased anomaly spawn rate as the same with combat sites. I don’t foresee this being a major problem for the game overall as certain null sec regions have already generated more static isk than all of the game regions combined (and credit where credit is due, they have mass recruited and inflated their numbers and built such a safety web that the work is admirable) but many players who play eve don’t wish to participate in hundred and hundred/thousand on hundred fleet fights, we enjoy our small gang combat as it feels much more wholesome and the mechanics of WH space make fleet comps much more thought out. All we ask is a small piece of the pie and a way to regenerate our home systems PVE content a bit more effeciently and consistently. It gets rather discouraging when the system only spawns 1 ore belt every 2-3 weeks and some systems will have 13-15 (not shattered). Thanks for listening (if you even do) and fly safe to all the players who read this.

Correct me if I am wrong, but in W-space
you cannot get cyno dropped,
you cannot get covert cyno dropped,
you do not have multiple entries into your ratting system,
you only have critted or rolled (static wormholes) that people cannot use to get into your ratting system because they would either roll themselves out of their systems/route or don’t see them because you did not activate the static from your side after you rolled the first one,
you only have to watch for potentially appearing new signatures.
nor are you spread around several systems for money making and can do that in one system with a defence fleet ready.
Not to mention that your ratting ship/fleets are essentially PVP fitted in any case because this is what sleepers demand.
Plus, W-space is very deserted and only a handful of people live there, which makes encounters rather unlikely.

In contrast to that in Null you have
several entry into most null sec systems
you can get cyno dropped from any where around you
you can get covert cyno dropped from any where around you
you can get assaulted by randomly appearing wormholes
you are not PVP fitted because null sec anomalies are not made for that
you maybe have a standing fleet ready but not on you as fleet ratting like in W-space does not help to make money
you have roaming people who can access any system because there are no access rights and visibility limitations on gates.

You can secure your W-space ratting system effectively with a lot fewer people than in null sec, while generating comparable or way more ISK. :thinking:

Null sec sounds a lot more dangerous than W-space. In null sec, several dozens of thousands of chars generate 60T ISK every month, in W-space a couple hundred characters generated 11T isk every month. Correct me if I am wrong, but a couple hundred characters generating 1/6 of what many thousand characters generate sounds like a pretty big imbalance to me and does not need more reinforcement.

Okay fair enough. So the 11t you refer to is primarily coming from C5 and C6 holes. Which nul players use and those connection typically handle very large ships ie: dredds and that isk income is coming from drifter escalations. So yes in a way you are correct. It is a good amount of isk if you are part of those hundred(s) of player alliances/corps in wh space. But there is no local, there is no intel, there is no cyno to save you when you get jumped. It comes down to what can you field pilot wise and mass wise, it’s a more wholesome PVP when you get jumped. So if you think the wormhole loot system
Is unbalanced and that there’s only a few hundred players in J space then you are mistaken. Drifter escalations is the money out here, and you need to be a very solid SP pilot to even touch that, many of those out here are not. But to be fair, I’m not singling out blue loot, as industrial players in WH space like to mine rocks too, but waiting 3 weeks for a crappy ore anom that’s barely worth 600m in minerals is unacceptable even by RNG standards.

So maybe I’ll be more finite with my suggestion. Anom spawn rates are absolute trash and I’ve had to file numerous bug reports for a system that had less than 5 combat sites and 1 ore site spawn over a 3 1/2 week time span. ( and no, no one came into the system and did sites, part of my report was to check before work, middle of the day and before bed. Not to mention the general inquiry from other corpmates
In different time zones to confirm the zero spawns) A TCU style anchorable structure to help stimulate a more steady rate of anoms generating would be absolutely wonderful and beneficial for the small-mid (10-50 active) corps who have no interest in being blobbed everywhere they go or part of some oversized nul alliance. I’m not asking for something the safe havens in nil have where once the Amon is cleared one literally spawns right behind it. Maybe give it a limit on combat sites per day or ore sites per week, something that will deteriorate over time if not active. Many of us come from those places in a “previous life” and chose a different game style that has been neglected since its inception. All we have out here is a few sleeper sites and a whole lot of scanning, hell we don’t eve get moon materials and most likely never will. All we ask is for a little love in our space.

You are making bug reports about anomaly spawning that is working correctly? I don’t think you have lived in W-space for long… The sites spawn randomly in different systems. You aren’t guaranteed to have sites in your system. A new site will only spawn when it has despawned in some other system.

You are supposed to farm your static, not your home.

CCP made wormhole systems with the intent that nobody could live there. Players proved them wrong and went out of their way to live in wormholes.
Now you want it to be easier and less “chaotic”? thats not what wormholes are intended to be.

Anomalies are spawning on a region base system, to encourage people to move around, roll statics to find what you want and generate content that way.
If you want static systems, go to null, thats how its designed.
The very essence of wormhole space is “you never know what today will bring, who will be your neighboor or what you will have in your hole to do”. Thats why you want a hole with a c5 static for example, to farm in that static.
Lets just leave it at that and not make it into nullsec 2.0, ok?

Been in WH for 2+ years ( and log in daily for hours at a time) and and the home system was never this bad. CCP also tried to make titans a rare thing as well but that has gone to the way side. The metas have changed and people don’t want to be part of thousand man alliances anymore. This is a suggestions thread and I’ve posted my suggestion. The CSM had favored null for yours, I suggested something to spruce up the little guys play and give those in that space something more consistent.

The reason that the sites don’t move is that W-space has a declining number of people, which leads to sites filling up empty systems because nobody will run them there. Start activating sites when you run into them to make them despawn so they will move around.

W-space is all about being random and not guaranteeing you anything. You are trying to make it more like known-space. Learn to adapt and look outside of your own system.

We have. We have started seeding Alts in our constellation/region and hadn’t seen any positive results yet. Been doing so for about 2 months.

What class?

C4. Only real viable place for a medium sized WH corp to live. Unfortunately we can’t compete with some of the C5-C6 groups that pull 30-50 man fleets on the regular.

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