Offering empty wormholes with/out effects

Hello EVE-Community

I unofficially helped small groups move into high-class w-space (C5 + C6) a while ago already and i was surprised how well that worked out. Now I want to make this more official.

This offer requires basic W-Space experience.

Why am I doing this? I’m honest with you - of course we also benefit from having more people living in W-Space. We (Hard Knocks Inc.) love PVP, and if you make a good start in W-Space, you may become a serious corp in the future willing to fight us -> content for both.

What should you own/have to start:

  • at least 1 dread toon (pref. 2) with good skills
  • at least 1 scanner
  • 1 Hauler (DST / Blockade Runner)

I offer you the following:

  • Access to an empty/friendly C5 / C6 system. I’ll scan you a way in.
  • Help with moving in / giving information about living in W-Space(shiptypes + fittings etc.)
  • Help and tips at PVE / PVP to be efficient and prepared for the future.
  • When it comes to mining I can only offer limited help.

What you can do there:

High-end PVE against Sleepers / Drifters

  • Own system in which you are allowed to do what you want
  • PVP whereever you want
  • Mining is lucrative, but will probably be much better with the next patch
  • PI with very good planets.

Your ISK possibilities(depending on the WH effect):

  • approx. 2b / hour using 2 dreads (with preparation)
  • approx. 4b / hour using 3 dreads (with preparation)
  • approx. 6b / hour using 4 dreads (with preparation) (very advanced)

Monthly possible income from(not counting the static sites):

  • C5: about 20-40b
  • C6: about 60-80b

Of course, I do not make this effort just because i’m such a nice guy. The prices vary depending on WH Class / Effect, the type of Statics and how popular the current WH classes are, but you should be expecting at least 5b for a basic one.

Further details - even those that are not listed here - can be negotiated with me.

If anyone is interested, just contact sHanQ Myteia ingame via Convo / Mail…


That is a great idea!

Best of luck to you and those who move into high class wormholes.

As i mentioned above, i want people to move into w-space and stay. Your idea would just make them leave again.

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I thought you were in it for the isk?

Not entirely, i just want some kind of support for all the effort i have doing this and it also motivates me to keep helping people finding their way in.

So no, i will not be selling intel nor do i leave anything logged off in that hole.

Oh, well, then that settles it.

Always trust the experienced wormholer who just wants help folks, like grandma said.


Maybe … :thinking:

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You expand the nullsec renter ■■■■ into wormholes?

No, we are not.

How does this differ from nullsec renting?

You sell space. You even bring them there. You will likely also teach them how to keep it locked down as much as possible.

Chances are that you even have defense alts logged off in every system you sell (idc about you saying you’ll have nothing logged off there, it’s just words!), so you just need to log into the right characters to form a local defense fleet. Don’t try telling me you don’t, you’re Hard Knocks! You can pull that off and it makes sense to do so!

You’re turning wormhole space into a themepark for ■■■■■■■ renters!

Renting would mean they pay us for defending them in a certain system. We’re not gonna to that. I don’t really care if you believe me or not, but it’s literally selling the hole, teaching them how to live safely and how to run sites and then i leave.

We of course have scouts all over w-space, that’s not a secret. but a logged off scout doesn’t mean we have Caps in there.

It is a simple transaction for a certain amount of effort. No monthly payment for protection or anything else -> no renting.


Basically the OP is selling a bridge to WH space.

If you want to buy a bridge, see the OP for details.

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Called it years ago. Feels bad to know it came true. HK are such a cancer on J-space they’re now literally begging in GD for new people to join so that they can ■■■■ on them later. Jesus ■■■■■■■ christ I wish this wasn’t the sick reality we live in.

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I appreciate this butthurt post. We enjoyed it, thank you!

hi. talked about the lease with your Listrentite about renting a WH C6 whtis Fortizar. it transferred money for fortizar and had a deal that we’d take the rent money in the next couple of days. in the end the money he took and added us to ignore. you’ve also done?

If I’d want a C5, I’d just go and take it. But thanks for the offer.

C5s are still some empty ones, i agree. Most people interested in this offer prefer C6 space as its 3-4x more total ISK income possible, though

Can you disclose how many applications you got?

8 by now:
2 fulfilled before this thread was posted
1 after(like 1 week ago)
2 pending
3 denied - mostly because i couldn’t offer what they requested.

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