WTS Empty C5 Wormhole J105822 Static C6

I have access for the next 24 hours to an amazing empty c5 with Wolf Rayet Effects and a static C6 (V753) Wormhole connection. No citadels of any sort are anchored, but there are a few offline dead poses on the moons. I have a great route to move in from high sec or low sec, which can even move in capitals if desired. Must act quickly (<24 hours), message me in-game for details. It is full of sites as well so you can immediately pay off the cost of the wormhole.

Planet I (Barren)
Planet II (Barren)
Planet III (Barren)
Planet IV (Barren)
Planet V (Gas)
Planet VI (Lava)
Planet VII (Gas)
Planet VIII (Gas)
Planet IX (Gas)

Wolf Rayet (Class 5) Effects:

Anomaly: Wolf Rayet
Armor Hit Points +86%
Shield Resistances -43%
Small Weapon Damage +172%
Signature Size -43%

Cost of Wormhole
1.5 billion

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