Looking for a small group 2-3 people that live in C1/C2 to join

I was playing for a while few years ago and was living in a C4 WH with couple of friends. that was fun until we all got killed :).
now I have returned to eve and mined and ran missions for long enough to buy me a pos and move to a WH.
I mainly like PI and mining.
So if there is a small group out there that can and want to accommodate one more person in their system, please write to me here or in the game to the same name.
I speak English, Russian, Deutsch and Hebrew. And my online is not regular.


You want to play with other people or you want to have a base?

If you want the later, Try to join Wormlife discord. They got a list of systems with a freeport. They maintain it and you dont need to do anything. Ask entrance in discord, wait a moment, go in, and be comfy. No need to apply, no need to mandatory fleet up, no rent, nor anything else. Just simply a couch to sleep.

Maybe someone else also in that system. Just say hi, and you guys might become best buddy and find another hole to build something.

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But you still Will be killed.

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