Lionheart Investment is exploring whspace

Looking to expand and start a proper corporation.
Currently i am a soloplayer who explores whspace from a raitura in a C2-C2 wolf rayet with low sec static.
And i am looking to expand the corp.

I have a broad experience in eve including a couple years in a C5-C5

What i look for is experienced pilots who like to step up in the slow way.
Expand bit by bit.

So i have no discord, no teamspeak yet and i start from scratch.
I play EU timezone and i do work for a living.

Main goal is life in a wh including PVE,PVP and industries.

If you are interested in joining Message me in game or on here. Now you van also joint the Lionheart Inv channel

If you are interested let me know. I prefer people playing during EU timezone.

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