[We Are Holding] HS PVE corp looking for leadership

[We Are Holding] - HS PVE looking for leadership
High Sec
Hello job-hunting pilots!

We Are Holding is looking for active members, particular a few good men (or women) looking to help us gain momentum growing activity in our high sec corp. Our corp has ties with a null-sec sister corp with shared comms for entertainment and info sharing.

Our corporate goals are to:Resume mining ops (corporation has buyback program ready and waiting)Participate in trig content (abyssals/invasions)Fun random ops: WH day-tripping / explo / occasionally throwing some frigates into FW space for lolsProvide growth opportunities for new pilots (starter packs - skill books, pre-fit explo ships/low end mission runners for training)

If you are interested in helping us engage in some of this content, or even just talking and seeing if the corp is at all interesting to you, please come talk with us

Discord: We Are Holding / Six Lions Incorporated
Or message either Sonahte or Hoggmatt in game

what area of space are you using

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