MIning/Industrial Corp LF HIGH SEC Alliance


I am the CEO of an extreamly small but skilled Corporation. I live in the US TZ, but work graveyard, so am typicaly on between 23:00 - 10:00 eve time. Would like an Alliance (possibly EU) that is also active during those times.

I work a weird schedule (3 on / 3 off), so unless the Mrs. gives me the look of doom, I am normally online when I am not working.

What we offer:

  1. Fully buffed Orca / Mining fleet with compression
  2. Can make most items (except Capital Ships - WIP)
  3. Several Freighters for space trucking.

What I am looking for:

  1. HIGH SECURITY Alliance - perferably an alliance that can not be War Decked.
  2. ACTIVITY, more specificaly activity during the hours mentioned above.
  3. Have a relaxed atmosphere. I’m not a spring chicken and refuse to be yelled at, talked down to, etc. by FC, Diplomat, or whomever that is a 16 year old on summer vacation.
  4. Logistics: Fair price for moving items, buying items.
  5. Understanding that we are a HIGH Security mining Corp at heart, and while we will help defend our fleets, My Corp will not be particpating in PvP Roams as a requirement. (Each pilot is free to make thier own choice of course.)

If you are looking for Active Corps for your Alliance, and my Corp might be a good fit, send me an in-game mail or message me here and we can talk further.


Would like to chat with you. Message me in game or stop by our discord The Order of Omerta

I sent in game mail, and joined discord.

Hi Abraxas Kain,

I think our Alliance has everything you would be looking for.

If you contact me in game I can give you some more info.


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