"Returning" player looking for a highsec mining corp

I say “returning” because I’ve been doing the daily rewards but haven’t really logged into the game much in the past year and a half to two years. Back then, I had tried starting a corp with a few friends but our recruiting efforts never took off and as a group we became discouraged and all stopped playing.

I’m in the United States and am capable of being active from 0300-0700hrs (in-game hours) most weekdays. I’m looking for a corp in Caldari space that is focused on mining (asteroids and/or moons), is social, and has an active Discord. I’ve got a fully-trained Orca account and a pair of exhumer accounts. One of those exhumer pilots is my main and is M5 in all subcaps and L5 in all but four subcaps, though PvP is not really my thing.

I prefer to be in Caldari space as I’ve got a lot of assets and I don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving too far from my current home system.

i have left you an ingame message :slight_smile:

Hey Raistlin,

First, love the name!

I think my Corp can meet your needs! Would love to chat with you! Here is some details about my Corp.

Kain Industries

We are located in Caldri space about 9 jumps from Jitia.

Message me here or in game.

Hey buddy lets have a talk i think we have the same way to play the game
Please come find me on our discord