2 Days to Mine: Come mine and mission with us!

pve high-sec industrial new-player caldari

We seek new and veteran players alike to join us in Caldari space and help us show those moon rocks who’s boss, because there’s only 2 Days to Mine before they despawn! We mainly focus on high-sec mining, PVE, manufacturing and exploring.

We are a new but well-established corp with active and dedicated players looking to expand our horizons and build a thriving and friendly community.

Benefits include:

  • War immune!
  • Daily mining fleets with max boosts and compression
  • Access to almost-daily moons
  • BuyBack and SellBack programs with fast turnaround
  • PVE mission assistance
  • Monthly Projects and Decorations to keep the community vibrant and provide everyone with a goal to reach
  • Free starter ships and ship replacement program in the works

Join a relaxed and casual atmosphere, we are primarily US/EU timezone players.

Interested in joining or have questions? Join our public channel 2D2M Public and say hello, or message one of our recruiters in-game:

  • YankeePilot (US east)
  • Jarith Kell (US east)
  • Jessie Mangeiri (EU)
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Hi everyone, recruitment is still open!

Hi everyone, we are growing quite well already and are always looking for more players! New and old, come check us out. Very friendly and casual atmosphere.

Hi everyone, we are still recruiting! We’ve brought in about a dozen players in the past week. Come see what we’re about!

Hi everyone, we are still recruiting! Well established, friendly and casual atmosphere. Come check us out!

hey man i think i have a good proposal for you if you whant to talk then hitme up on discord