Calling all newbro and veteran miners and industrialists!

Are you new to EVE and looking to make some ISK mining?

Are you a veteran industrialist who is tired of the solo grind or stupid alliance wars?

Are you a combat pilot just looking for a slower change of pace?

Are you tired of all the drama in game and just want a place to chill with like-minded players?

If this sounds like you, please consider joining Nocturnal Reconnaissance and Manufacturing!

We are a highsec-based newbro-friendly mining and industry-focused corporation with the goal of building what we want, when we want, and maximizing our profits in the process. We offer an ore buyback program, mining fleets, and full refining and industry services.

Come join us today!

Check out our advert in game, join channel “Nocturnal_Recruiting” or send me an email in game for more information!

Bump. Come fly with us today!

Bump again. We’re still hiring!

Bump, still hiring miners, industrialists, and anyone else who is looking for a place to chill.

Hi guys, what TZ are you?

We’re primarily US and EU TZ.

Where are you folks located in Eden?

Merge? Alliance? we share same values and have established a nice network…

@Apostater_Melkan we’re in Amarr space. Swing by “Nocturnal_Pub” in game.

@Arlene_Kanjus send me a message in game with your details, please, and I’ll run it by my boss.

Hi Marie, are you still recruiting? I’m a newbie for the second time, I joined a couple of weeks ago and joined a corp last week only to find no-one comes on so I was just mining by myself. I’m looking for a corp where I can socialise with others whilst mining and learning new things about Eve.

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