Pegasus! Join us on the frontier in W-Space!

Join Pegasus now and join us on the Frontier in our C3 wormhole - L/s static.

We are a new small corp that understand real life comes first! However the draw of Eve is ever present and we love to play and chat all things Eve…

We have founded our home in w-space and enjoy the comforts of an Astrahus & Athanor.

We are a player owned corp with all members having an active and equal share and voice.

Both new and experienced players are welcome to join! Our aim is to support each other so we can all achieve our goals, eve is what we make of it together.


  • Buyback Program for Ore/Gas
  • Supported PVE activities
  • Low 3% Tax
  • Sharing Experience
  • Transportation Support
  • Porp Boosting

What we do:

  • PVE
  • PI
  • Exploration
  • Mining, Moon Mining
  • Industry/Manufacturing
  • Research
  • Fleet activities
  • Support
  • More!

We are looking for:
Individual Pilots to enjoy and grow with us.
Corps looking to branch into WH space.
People to have a voice and support in defining the future of Pegasus.
Independence and confidence - W-space can be a harsh teacher.

If you are interested or just want a chat you can find us below in our out of game!

Pegasus POC

Or join us on Discord:

Looking to do rat sites in high / low / and everywhere with a few people. Sucks trying to do it alone. Hit me back up

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