WH Corp seeking ambitious pilots

Our Corporation was recently formed after leaving a previous alliance. We have a vision, and would like to share it with anyone that wants to live in wormhole space. We currently live in a C3 (HS) that has perfect PI (every planet, and multiple production planets.) We also support moon mining. We are a split industry / PvP corp. Mostly EST-PST with some EU and others. Accepting members of all kinds. However, we are actively seeking pilots to be part of our Alpha Fleet of competent and deadly pvp pilots. This will come with its own title, roles, and rewards.
What we can offer:
-relaxed discord with good people, plenty of jokes and memes.
-Perfect PI
-Moon Mining
-Weekly wormhole dives and other fleets
-Low sec / Null roams
-FULL SRP on corp doctrine fits
-Security during industry or mining events
-Occasional large-scale pvp operations with blues

-basic scanning skills (ability to fly astero at minimum is preferred)
-ability to fly a t1 Cruiser (caracal is common in our corp)
-Discord for voice comms (need to join when online)
-Pathfinder for wormhole chain mapping

-Ability to use Tech II guns on whatever you fly
-Ability to scout with a battle astero or stratios
-in-depth knowledge of wormhole mechanics and game mechanics in general.
-Ability to fly all Tech 1 Subcapital ships of at least one race (ex: merlin through scorpion for Caldari)
Preferred but not Required for Alpha Fleet:
-Tech III Strategic Cruiser
-Heavy Interdictor
-Stealth Bomber
-Force recon (cancer falcon preferred)
Alpha Fleet: we really like to kill things, and kill them fast.

Message me in-game: Laylaa
Or join our public channel: VoidPoint Recruitment
We hope to see you soon:)
Director of Wormhole Operations

Contact me in game. I would like to know more. This is my alt so response time might be a little slower, but I meet all your requirements.

Awesome! I’ve messaged you back


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