Small WH Corp Looking to expand membership

Fukushima Daiichi Electric Power Co. is looking for new and veteran pilots looking to enter and enjoy the benefits of wormhole space

We are looking for small scale pvp pilots and industrial pilots with some pvp interest
We fly in late USTZ and have some presence in AUTZ and have years of wormhole experience.

Preferably be able to fly
Cov Ops Frigate/Astero with solid scanning skills
Battlecruiser/T3 Strategic Cruiser with T2 weapons
These are not set in stone, as every recruit will be appraised and exceptions can be made.

Contact Freddie Merrcury or Nigel Gladstone for an interview

Still Recruiting PVP pilots who’d like to begin their trip into Jspace

Looking for more quality pilots to join our tight knit group.

Always looking for a few more good men and women to join us.

what type of WH do you guys live inn?

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Idelike to have a chat with you guys can you message me on discord my name is lilFUCKINGgator

I support this message. Good times, chill squad, no drama and low sodium, plus theres antics to be had.

Still recruiting quality pilots for jspace life. Join “FDEPC Recruits” in game or mail/convo a recruiter today!

Venture League supports the cause of WHERE. Join up!

Japan corporation?

No, sorry.

Still hunting for some new US/AUTZ friends. Come and chat with us today.

Still on the hunt. If you’re looking for a fun group, get in touch with us.

Rage Rolling to find more members.

Looking for those ready to go balls deep into some wormhole pvp

Rising up to find more solid pilots. All levels of experience needed.

Venture League is a proud member of WHERE and spacebros of Fukushima Daiichi, we support this thread.

Pac US evenings and AU TZ, low sodium pilots, all skill levels considered. Searching for initiative and talent, anything beyond that can be learned or trained.

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