Returning player looking for co-operation / noobs also wellcome

Greetings pilots,

I’m looking for people of an industrial/pvp mindset who would wish to join me in searching and setting up a wormhole sanctuary. I have already scanned down some candidates and was aiming at c2 with c3/HS static to drop a Raitaru for the start. C3 for ratting and home system for PI. I have lived in WH space for most of my pilot career so I know some stuff. Rusty in PVP though.

*I multi-box two accounts, have fits…

Pilots of any experience level are welcomed ofc. at least with some WH experience.
The basic idea of this ad is to find few companions on the way that want to live in a chilled WH environment without pressure; have fun and enjoy the safety of J space.

my discord
avro akrapy#5751

I’m not interested in joining a corp…

Have you found anyone to assist in the WH you are looking to establish a base in? I don’t have much experience with SH’s except when hacking. If you are still in the market. Let me know.


I know a WH corp that is trying to get established, they have a C2 and are in the process of building infrastructure, they also have divisions in Highsec and Nullsec so there is plenty of content to be had…
hop on our discord:

dm me in game or discord.

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