Krabbing in a C3 and combat sites

So I have a question when it comes to sites in a worm hole and at the moment I am speaking about a Class 3 no effects with High sec static.

First a little info and history. I found this empty c3 and set up shop thinking hey would be a small way to get isk into my wallet. Short history I at one point lived in a c5 that always seemed to have a good amount of sites to run. After I got set up and starting working the hole I went from at one point 4 ore anons 2 gas sites several sleeper relic/data sites and I forget now exactly how many but it seemed like there were several combat sites. Since Last Sunday very few combat sites have respawned, not one ore site or gas site have spawned, there also has not been any relic or data sites be it sleeper or faction. In fact right now there is exactly 3 combat sites and i have not touched them and I believe they are the same 3 sites that have been there for at least 3 days if not more now and the only other thing is the static hole.
Now the questions. Where are all the combat sites?
Where are all the Anons like ore sites?
Where are all the gas, relic, and data sites either sleeper or faction? Does anyone know the respawn rates on any of the various sites in a worm hole? <yes I know respawn times are wonked compared to k-space times and I remember in a c5 I always had plenty of sites to do, right now in this c3 i quickly run out of thing to do even the moon mine and pi is pooh>.
Is there a good way to farm the combat sites, and other signatures in this C3 or any class worm hole?
I have been told that it is or was possible to run said site and either not trigger the last wave and ghost walk out or trigger last wave but leave one ship alive and then ghost walk out and after DT said site would reset its self. I am not sure if this is A. an exploit, or B. Legal and still works.
Any Help is appreciated and thank you for your time.

  1. According to player run experiments sites respawn after being run in the same wormhole region.

  2. From my own anecdotal experience, C3 anomaly spawns could be about 10 per week.

  3. Having a highsec static will bring more day trippers in to run your sites. Either set up in a lowsec static for reduced traffic or get a C2-C3/HS and roll your static to find a good ratting hole.

  4. As far as I am aware the downtime trick no longer works.

Thank you for your imput

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