Wormhole or other high sec combat anomalies and weird sites

I am a bit bored with doing L2 missions because they are really easy, and grinding the standing is so slow, plus the payment is very bad as well(I get more even by just doing project discovery). I can’t do L3 missions yet because the standing…

So I saw weird combat sites in space and they look like normal mission sites except I can just warp to them, but the rats look kinda OP so I ran away. Is it profitable running these anomalies and sites? I see they spawn in wormholes as well, is it worth the risk? How much does it pay?

and can I just run it with a generic pve omen? thx

Let’s break this down as there’s a few different bits you mentioned here:

Combat sites (anomalies) in highsec you can just warp to:
Much like missions, but without the mission payouts of isk and loyalty points. In highsec only lower level anomalies spawn, and in low numbers. They can work for very new players, but missions are probably still better.

Combat sites (signatures) you need to scan down (in all parts of space):
These work a little differently. There’s usually some form of valuable NPC at the end that has a chance to drop rare and valuable loot. Players will usually rush to kill and loot that NPC as quickly as possible, and then move on to look for the next combat site signature. For more info on these, look up DED complexes.

Combat sites in wormholes:
Similar to normal sites in theory, but with 2 key differences -

  • Wormhole sleeper NPCs are extremely dangerous compared to similar sized NPCs in highsec, with far more damage, speed and electronic warfare
  • Most of the value comes from loot they drop, not from bounty payouts

okay thx, this sounds like something I can try.

are there none-sleeper combat sites in wormholes?

All combat sites in wormholes contain sleeper NPCs (unless there’s a special event going on like guardian’s gala that adds new ones for a limited time)

He was talking about sites like Jove observatory…

Not anom or scannabl ones…

That’s mostly, but not entirely, true: there are Sansha sites in shattered wormholes. And you have drifter escalations in C5 and C6, but those have sleepers as well.

But, as to what I assume is Eruch’s real question there- all sites in wormholes are pretty tough. The Sansha ones are no easier than the Sleeper ones. There are classes of wormholes, from 1 to 6. All require some reading up to prepare for. 1-3 are pretty achievable. 4 requires an expensive, high skill point, ship or a fleet. 5 and 6 require fleets of ships with specialized fittings or capital ships. Wormholes are really fun, but take a fair bit of reading to understand well enough to survive.

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