Cosmic Signatures: Only Level 1 combat sites?


I’m searching for some good fights and I’m on the search for Level 2+ combat sites. I’m in low sec (0.1 or 0.2) and use my Core Scanners for the hunt on Cosmic Signatures. Mostly I find Wormholes but the Combat Signatures are Level 1 only. Is this normal that I have to search for long or am I doing something wrong?

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This should be in missions or exploration thread.

Keep looking! Better sites are fewer in number. Sometimes you will find more of them in less-travelled areas. (Look on the map statistics for ‘jumps in the last hour.’ )

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Regular Cosmic Anomaly combat sites don’t need the use of probes to find, they are 100% warp-to when you open ship scanner. Those are usually fast encounters with multiple waves and no gates to other rooms. The rewards are a bit lackluster but they do have the option of spawning a Faction Commander NPC which has a chance to drop Faction loot. Those sites also have a chance to escalate to DED site which has an even better chance at dropping Faction loot.

Cosmic Signature combat sites, unrated named and DED rated sites, do require probes to find and have an even better chance of spawning Faction Commander NPC’s and or dropping Faction loot as well as escalating to expedition which also has a better chance to drop Faction loot.

Because of that, most explorers look for and run Cosmic Signature combat sites so like @Circumstantial_Evidence stated, you probably need to look in less traveled areas. However when doing exploration for Cosmic Signature combat sites, don’t pass up running the Cosmic Anomaly combat sites. You may get lucky and gain expedition to DED sites which have the best chance to drop Faction loot.

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