Obscure Combat Sites

I am bored with doing the regular combat sites in eve and figured to do something a little different i would do some of the more obscure sites. What I mean by that is combat sites that only appear in certain constellations or even certain systems.

I am, i admit, making an assumption that these sites actually exist and was basing it on the example of Cosmos constellations where by you get specific sites in those areas that go towards cosmos missions and have unique (i believe) rewards.

But I wondered if there were actually any other sites like this that may only appear in limited areas and if so, where can I find out about them? any help would be appreciated.


You think about Cosmic Signatures?
Which ones spawn depends mostly on the faction/pirates that inhabits the area.

Try the ISHAEKA sites down in Monalez (Genesis)


(Big Balls V required)


If you wanna try something new and different, do the Empire Cosmos Agent missions starting with level 1 and work your way up to level 4.

I don’t know how your standings are but I suggest you run all Empire Factions, that will allow you to travel throughout all high sec missions without being hassled by Faction NPC’s.

Anyway, ‘The Plan’ has more info on running those as well as other special agents.

@Eternal_Montage - thanks, thats the sort of stuff im looking for.

@DeMichael_Crimson - Ive done some Cosmos already, sadly it was a mission here and there and becuase you can only do it once I screwed up the chain for at least 2 factions. ive only 1 charcter(the one that did them) that has the best combat skills to tackle them. not sure if i can fleet up with an alt to do them all

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No problem.

A little background on this site for anyone that’s never heard of it: CCP added it without announcing it some 9-10 years ago. It has some connection to Incursions and I believe it came out around the same time. It only spawns in the Monalez constellation down in Genesis. I used to live in Monalez and you have to go through that area to get to the Eve Gate. There’s actually some of the best exploration in lowsec in that area because there’s no facwar and the Blood 6/10 is relatively easy.

The site itself is really hard and the only ships that could solo it back when I lived down there were the Rattlesnake and the Tengu with passive tanks (and apparently marauders). Since then they added MJDs to the game so you might be able to cheese it in a Barghest. Also to get the most out of the site you should loot and salvage it.

I found this interesting quote in an old forum post about the ISHAEKA site:

Interesting in light of the unannounced drifter invasion of course.

Edit: Found this video of a guy doing it in a marauder


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