Minmatar Brigands Combat Site

So I might be seeing only the tip of the iceberg here on COSMOS missions but everyday I probe out around Hek and everyday I come across this Miinmatar Brigands Combat Site. A few Google’s later and I find myself reading guides on COSMOS missions but not really finding anything specific about this one. I warped to it today at 100km and it was half done by someone else. Does this site start a mission for something else? Worth doing? I read you get big faction standings boosts for COSMOS missions.

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Years ago I completed all of the High Sec Empire Faction Cosmos Agents along with most of their Low Sec Agents. I still need to do their Null Sec Cosmos Agents as well as the High Sec / Low Sec Pirate Cosmos Agents.

Cosmos Agent missions, as well as other Event Agents, will definitely increase your Faction standing. And just like Storyline missions, they will also incur negative derived standings towards enemy Factions as well.

Cosmos Agents only accept Faction standing for access and their missions can only be completed once in the life of the character. The main thing to remember is do not fail, quit, decline or let their mission offers expire. It could lock out access to other Cosmos Agents. Do not even talk to Cosmos Agents unless you’re going to run their mission. As soon as you talk to a Cosmos Agent, you get a mission offer that will expire in seven days. Declining the mission is the same as quitting which makes it a failed mission.

However, with proper planning Cosmos missions can be easily completed and some of them even have great rewards. In my opinion their story plot is quite good and the missions themselves are quite challenging, a level 2 Cosmos mission is comparable to a level 3 regular mission.

Most of the Cosmos Agents will send you to specific Cosmos Complexes to retrieve various items. In the complexes there’s usually multiple rooms filled with cans that need to be hacked and or various NPC rats holding mission objective items. The cans and NPC rats will re-spawn very quickly. Most Cosmos Complexes are static that show on the Overview with a Celestial Beacon that’s easily warped to. However some Cosmos Complexes also need to be scanned down.

As for the site you’re asking about, knowing the name and location will help answer what is gained from there. More than likely the NPC’s there probably have items required by Cosmos Agents. For example - Agent may require 40 ‘Bandit’ spurs to complete mission - Let’s say there’s a dozen NPC’s there at the site and each one drops 1 ‘Bandit’ spur when destroyed. Now to get 40 of those spurs, you’ll have to do a bit of grinding and farm the site for a while to get the required amount.

Some players will farm sites and sell the items in Market or in Public Contracts. Most items required by Cosmos Agents can actually be obtained that way. However there’s still a few items that can only be gained in mission sites that spawn only after the Agents mission offer is accepted.

There’s a High Sec Cosmos Constellation for each of the 4 main Factions, Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar. There’s also 2 Low Sec Cosmos Constellations, one for Amarr and another for Minmatar. Lastly there’s 8 different Null Sec Cosmos Constellations, one for each of the 4 main Empires and one for each of the 4 main NPC Pirate Factions.

I think I pretty much covered everything. This link shows Cosmos Agent locations:



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