How much standings increase for COSMOS Mission and some random questions

A few random questions regarding COSMOS mission;

  • How high must our faction standings be to run it? I want to do the COSMOS for Caldari but my faction standing is -0.9 with social skills factored in. Is that high enough?
  • How big of an increase in standings do we get for completing the COSMOS mission of a faction?
  • How many missions are inside the COSMOS arc? Is it all highsec?

Thank you

You can only access L1 cosmos agents

You need 2.0 to access level 2 agents
4.0 to access L3
And up to 7.0 to access all L4 agents.

Luckily the connection skill can modify it as need be.

As far as standings gain, similar to storylines gains.

Key to remember as you start, DO NOT talk to an agent unless you plan on doing it, and you may have to “shop” around to find some stuff you need for the missions

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Any idea of what the standings gain would be then? I tried searching but couldn’t find it.

So if I can’t access Level 2 agents, should I be running regular missions and their respective storyline?

I already have Connections at 4

Connections wont matter until you get your standing positive.

You can run the SOE epic arc, and choose the caldari standings to get above 0.0

Just be aware that running COSMOS or data center missions is just like running a storyline mission, complete with derived standings loss for all opposing factions. The SOE Arc is the only way to get positive standing with a particular faction without negatively affecting others…

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Running the SOE epic arc will not get you above 0. I know since I did that a few years ago before taking a break. My current standings with SOE is 8.31

Does doing Career Agents help?

The final mission for every career agent functions as a storyline mission. So, if you did all 15 career agents in Caldari space, you would get a Caldari faction standing increase 15 times. But as with all storyline missions, this will also decrease your standing with Gallente and Minmatar.

Where is your diplomacy standing?

This is a rough quote from our standing service calculator based on if we ran the soe arc and shared the standings with you

For -0.9 base to -0.46 base (Diplomacy 5 makes it 1.63 effective) with Caldari State [CS]
(1 SoE epic arcs)

So it would take you running the soe arc to be higher than that than what it is.

If youd like, you can reach out to us on discord and we can raise your standings up for you to do at least L1 and L2 COSMOS agents

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Check out ‘The Plan’…

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