Getting better standing with Caldari

Hi, I wish to better my standing with the Caldari state, Currently My standing with them is -0.55 but I wish to better it and i’m having trouble finding an agent that could accept me.

Know any good agents out there?

Here’s a good set of info on standings:

This is a pretty complex system, so pay attention to the concept of Derived Standings. At this point, since you are negative, you will only have access to L1 Caldari agents, so you can search for those in The Agency. Run 16 missions for them and you will get a Storyline mission that will give you a slight bump in faction standing, but will also give you a slight hit in standing with Gallente and Minmatar (due to derived standings).

The other options you have are to train Diplomacy, as this will help with negative standings, or to run the SoE Epic Arc and choose Caldari for the faction bump at the end of the arc.

Finally, what have you been doing to hurt your standings with them? Factional Warfare or just running missions?

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Thank you :smiley: been running missions for Galante

Look up “faction standings repair plan”

Not sure at the moment if you can, but the SOE Epic Arc can be run every 90 days and gives roughly an 8% faction boost to whatever faction you choose with no hit towards the others.

Cool- one thing to make sure of when you run missions is to always decline any missions that send you against one of the factions, as long as you are concerned about maintaining positive standings.

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