Caldari and Guristas Standings

I want to have good standings with Caldari and Caldari navy so I can trade at Jita. However I also want to be friendly with the guristas pirates.

Is this possible?

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It’s possible but it’ll take time and special planning to achieve that goal.

Knowing your current Faction standings would be a big help in determining what steps to take.

The best way to reduce getting negative derived Faction standing hits would be to complete the level 3 Guristas Epic Arc and the level 4 Caldari Epic Arc along with completing the level 1 Sisters Of Eve Epic Arc for Caldari. Unfortunately Epic Arcs can only be completed every 90 days for Faction standing increase.

There are other ways available to gain Faction standing increase faster but those will incur both positive and negative derived Faction standings towards all the other Factions. Working those options will require time and special planing to achieve your goal.

Like I said, would need to know your current Faction standings to actually devise a plan of specific steps to take to accomplish that goal.


Hi thanks for the reply. I have 0.0 standings with all 3 of those factions currently. This will be something I work for over time so while I would like to do it quick, I accept it could take a long time.

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OK, first you need to ask yourself do you want to maintain access to Empire High Security space? That means maintaining Empire Factions above -5.00 standing.

Secondly, do you want to maintain access to high level Agents in Empire space? That means keeping Factions above -2.00 standing.

Even if the answer is no, still need to know your standings for these 8 different Factions that control High sec systems:

Amarr Empire
Ammatar Mandate
Caldari State
Concord Assembly
Gallente Federation
Khanid Kingdom
Minmatar Republic
The Interbus

Currently there’s no way to directly gain positive Faction standings with Concord and The Interbus. Concord has no Agents what so ever and The Interbus doesn’t have any Storyline Agents available. Concord won’t gain any positive derived Faction standings but can incur negative derived Faction standing hits from other Factions. The Interbus can incur both positive and negative Faction standings from the other Factions.

When I say other Factions, I mean both Empire and Pirate Factions.

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I want to try and remain friendly with everyone for access purposes.

I think the first step for me is to get my Caldari Navy standings up, so I need to know how to do this without destroying other standings.

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Well, first it’s best to have the Social skill max trained asap. That skill increases the amount of standing gained for completing missions. Also max train the Connections skill. That skill increases your current amount of positive standing.

Gaining Corporation standing without affecting your Faction standings is fairly easy, just complete regular missions for Agents within Caldari Navy Corporation.

Just remember to decline all Anti-Empire missions as well as missions against Guristas NPC’s.

I suggest running level 3 Distribution missions since those can be completed fairly quickly. Level 3 missions are good for gaining standings whereas level 4 missions are good for gaining ISK. Also decline Storyline mission offers since those will affect your Faction standings as well.

So if you don’t already have Social and Connections skills trained, do so asap and then run the level 1 Sisters Of Eve Epic Arc and complete it for Caldari every 90 days. After doing the Epic Arc, run missions for Caldari Navy. Continue doing that til you’ve gained about +7.00 standing with that corp.

After that you’ll probably want to start working on gaining Caldari and Guristas Faction standings. Send me an Eve Mail message in game and I’ll line you up with the proper steps to achieve that.

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Awesome, thanks man.

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To explain the game mechanics behind standings:

Agents belong to Corporations, Corporations belong to Empires, and the Empires have love/hate relationships with other Empires.

So if you do missions for an Agent, you gain standings with the Agent and their Corporation. But Agents don’t have relationships with other Agents, and Corporations don’t have relationships with other Corporations, so no other NPC standings are affected.

To gain Empire standings you must complete “storyline” missions that are offered by special Agents, once every 16 regular missions. If you do these missions you gain Empire standings, if you decline these missions you don’t gain any Empire standings. You can decline an agent’s mission every 4 hours with no penalties.

The relationships between the Empires are listed in-game. If you right-click and Show Info on any Agent, right next to the agent’s portrait is their corp logo; click that and you’ll see the info page for their Corporation, and it has a logo for the Empire it belongs to; click that and you’ll see an info page on the Empire, which includes a Standings tab that lists the relationships to other Empires.

So for example if the Caldari State hates the “Guristas Pirates” empire at -8.0, every point of standings that you gain with Caldari State from handing in a “storyline” mission, you’ll automatically lose 0.8 of it with the pirates.

In addition to the love/hate relationship-related loss above, every pirate ship you shoot will cause a loss of standings with the pirates.

So the trick will be to max out the Corporation standings (Caldari Navy, Guristas corp) via regular missions, while minimizing the standings changes to Caldari State and Guristas Pirates (empire). The Social skills give you straight standings bonuses to everyone, so you can use the skills and very careful mission / target selection (don’t shoot Caldari, Amarr, or Guristas ships) to keep everyone in the (adjusted) positive (they may be negative but the Social skills will boost the effective standings into the positive, or at least above -1.9).

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Good explanation on how the interactions work, thanks.

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