Joining the Guristas - help with the standings

Hello capsuleers,

I’m in the pickle with my standings and want to know what options do I have to start getting my Guristas standings ready.
Don’t mind the grind, its just that I don’t know where to start.

My current standings are as such:

-3.04 Guristas
1.76 Caldari
0.5 Gallente

Please let me know in short ( or long, however you feel like) what should I be going for.

Are those numbers base, or modifed by skills?

Tried to get in touch with the Agent in Orvolle and he said I don’t have enough standing.

Its what I see in my character’s interaction screen.

Do you have any social skills trained?

You need 3.00 effective ( with connections trained) to be able to run the arc with that agent or the caldari agent.

And that is 3.00 with the agent, corp, or faction.

Thats why i was asking if those are base standings. You can hover over the standings to see a tooltip to see if connections is modifying it.

Thank you, Its without skills.

So for running the Guristas should I look into first getting Cladari or Gallente at 3?

Caldari. If that is your faction standing at 1.75. At connections 4 you’ll be over 3.00 effective and would be able to run it.

Where as you would have to raise standings for FIO or Ytiri to 3.00 effective by running missions

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Amazing, thanks for the info!

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